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If organizations want to win digital customers, they need the right talent and the right technology. More importantly, when conducting business in virtual spaces, they must take care not to dehumanize the customer or ignore their emotional responses.

Whether you’re trying to win digital customers in a B2B or a B2C market, you’re trying to win over people – and their feelings.

Far more than rational thinking, emotion drives human behavior. As companies begin to scale online, they should be very interested in the customer’s emotions because customer behavior (fueled by those emotions) drives brand success.

Today’s guest is Howard Tiersky, CEO at FROM, The Digital Transformation Agency. Howard believes that most big pre-digital companies aren’t moving as fast as the world around them, which puts them at risk of irrelevance. Today, he’s here to explain how to break into the digital world, how people relate to brands, and how digital transformation affects how we love our customers.

In addition to his current role, Howard is a published author who has held positions as Director of New Media at Ernst & Young, VP of Media and Entertainment at Capgemini, and an adjunct professor at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. His latest Wall Street Journal bestseller, Winning Digital Customers: The Antidote to Irrelevance, provides a framework for aligning teams during digital transformation to create a customer experience that earns love and drives success.

Today Howard shares that, in part, being digital is a matter of pace. But when we talk about rapidly changing pace from in-person experience to digital, brands have to maintain a place in the customer’s heart (at the same time, keeping the ambitious vision for who they want to become).

Howard also explains that, in the end, experience is the best marketing. He also talks in-depth about customer-centricity and how it’s essential to effective transformation, cultivating positive customer emotion, the importance of aligning words and actions, and how video can substantially expand communication.

Howard and I also discussed:

How to love your customers — and earn their love
Why you need an ambitious vision for digital transformation
What the three key elements of customer experience are
How to temper the pace of change with customer-centricity
What the role of values are in digital branding

Winning Digital Customers

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Listen to “194. Winning Digital Customers w/ Howard Tiersky” on Spreaker.

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Video Highlights: Winning Digital Customers

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Howard Tiersky

1. Customer Experience is a Response to Stimuli

2. The Single Most Important Factor in Business Success: Love

3. Shared Values and Standing for Something

4. Why Experience is The Best Marketing

5. Authenticity, Credibility, and Video Messages

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