Transforming to DCS: Digital Customer Service

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What matters most in digital customer service isn’t your customer’s communication preference. Because whether they prefer to communicate digitally, live, or through a hybrid model, what’s even more crucial is understanding how that communication will create the best experience for the customer at that exact moment.

There are three components of the Digital Customer Service (DCS) model that create an effortless CX that builds customer loyalty:

  1. The least complicated issues should be easily resolvable in online self-service.
  2. Assistance should happen on a customer’s screen whenever they want to interact with a live person.
  3. What starts as a phone call should smoothly transition into an on-screen experience.

Today’s guest, Rick DeLisi, Author and Lead Research Analyst at Glia, shares his findings from the research backing his two books, Digital Customer Service and The Effortless Experience. He has decades of experience in the customer service world. And his research dives into what digital transformation really means for CX.

In addition to his current role at Gila, Rick served as Director of Corporate Communications for what he describes as “the most successful un-successful airline in history.” He also spent 15 years as VP Advisory and a Gartner Fellow with CEB and Gartner.

Today Rick shares the details of Digital Customer Service. Making this transformation means empowering people doing what they do best and technology doing what it does best. It isn’t just about deploying automation or being available in more channels. It’s about meeting customers where they are, on their screen — no switching, no restarting.

Rick also shares his thoughts on culture and organizational success, customer journey mapping, on-screen communication, and how digital transformation supports an effortless customer experience and ultimately creates customer loyalty.

Rick and I also discussed:

Why “customer experience” is a “monster noun”
Why the perception of effortlessness lies at the root of great CX
How digital transformation begins with process
What the three components of the DCS model are
How reducing live interaction minutes also reduces cost



Transforming to DCS: Digital Customer Service

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Listen to “180. Transforming to DCS: Digital Customer Service w/ Rick DeLisi” on Spreaker.



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Video Highlights: Transforming to DCS: Digital Customer Service

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Rick DeLisi


1. Customer Experience as a “Monster Noun”



2. Three Components of Digital Customer Service



3. The Importance of Context



4. Customer Effort as Two-Thirds “Feel”



5. The Purpose of Bots


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