Aligning EX and CX With a Service Blueprint

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Tracking your customer experience and mapping the customer journey are critical to an organization’s survival. But a large portion of that experience hinges on how employees deliver along the journey. If that’s the case, why do most companies lack alignment between CX (customer experience) and EX (employee experience)?

So much goes into creating the perfect flow for CX, commonly in the form of a journey map. However, mapping exercises risk skewed outcomes if we don’t involve proper research participants and plan proper service delivery.

And where does that leave us? With misalignment, we fall short of our customers’ expectations and even our own promises.

Today’s guest is Justin Zalewski, Director of Product Design and Strategy at Studio Science, where he leads a team of professinals working on product design, UX design, and software development.

Justin believes we can take one step further toward sligning CX and EX by opening the door to better insights and greater cohesion through a service blueprint. A service blueprint outlines the intended customer experience and the necessary internal steps to make that experience a reality. By linking up the frontend and backend functions of the customer experience, we create harmony between CX and EX initiatives.

Justin has spent a decade with Studio Science, a design and innovation agency that helps businesses develop people-first designs that deliver better experiences every day for every customer — from market-leading technology companies to Fortune 500 brands.

He also recently published a whitepaper that outlines how we can improve services as a whole by aligning CX and EX.

Today he talks about why constant map iteration can only do so much without the support and alignment a service blueprint brings. He also shares that with so much on the line, taking a closer look at how we track CX and EX — plus how they work together — only makes sense for improved results.

Justin and I also discussed:

Why we should examine our customer experience to ensure it’s in optimal condition
What the core concepts of human-centered design are
Why we typically approach EX and CX as separate entities
How the research and discovery phases can save you 10x down the line
What a Service Blueprint is, and how it supports a journey map

Aligning EX and CX With a Service Blueprint

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Listen to “225. Aligning EX and CX with a Service Blueprint w/ Justin Zalewski” on Spreaker.

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Video Highlights: Aligning EX and CX With a Service Blueprint

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Justin Zalewski

1. Customer Experience as a Total Experience

2. De-Risking Viability, Feasibility, and Desirability

3. Depths of Co-Creation

4. The Problem of Putting Output Over Outcomes

5. Basics of Service Design

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