Customer Voice and Sentiment Analysis

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If organizations want to double or triple survey response rates, they have to modernize and revolutionize the process to engage their customers.

Rather than asking eight or nine questions to gather a mountain of data, brands need to create a map of what they really need to know — perhaps sking just two open-ended questions to acquire the most essential information.

Then, using natural language processing (NLP), they can determine the true sentiment of the customer voice. How does the customer genuinely feel? Where are the moments of connection? Integrating technology and asking thought-provoking questions to elicit longer, more valuable answers, the customer voice will tell businesses almost everything they need to know to balance and process qualitative and quantitative feedback.

Today’s guest is Luis Angel-Lalanne. Luis is the Vice President of Customer Voice at American Express, where he extracts as much value as possible from vast amounts of qualitative and quantitative data to create a better customer experience. Luis and his team use CX technology and invite customers to give genuine insight through commentary on surveys. They also pilot machine learning for NLP-based agent performance to make collected data actionable.

Luis has worked at American Express for more than 20 years and took on his role as Vice President of Customer Voice six years ago. Today he shares how listening to the voice of the customer has transformed AmEx surveys, data, calls, and human-driven tech experiences. He also talks about the idea that customer experience as an industry is early in its journey, still evolving — a discipline with a bright future. And he even shares – amid the Great Resignation – why he’s invested decades at American Express.

Luis and I also discussed:

How American Express handles CX internally
What best practices are for executing customer surveys for high-quality data
How to balance and process qualitative and quantitative feedback
What implementing new CX technology looks like at Amex
How to use NLP to uncover patterns from customer surveys

Customer Voice and Sentiment Analysis

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Listen to “195. Customer Voice and Sentiment Analysis w/ Luis Angel-Lalanne” on Spreaker.

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Video Highlights: Customer Voice and Sentiment Analysis

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Luis Angel-Lalanne

1. Customer Experience is Unfiltered Customer Perception

2. Evolution vs Revolution in Survey Improvements

3. Basics of NLP – Natural Language Processing

4. Collecting and Working With Natural Data Only

5. Thoughts on 20+ Years at American Express

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