Edumarketing: More Teaching, Less Selling

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Nobody wants to be sold to, but nearly all of us are open to learning something helpful.

To create a customer journey that drives revenue and fosters advocacy and loyalty, brands need to understand what prospective customers and current customers want to know from the beginning — and through expert education, teach them what they want to learn.

What can your prospects and customers learn from your content? How can you help them? And how can you strategically connect that education to your bottom line? That’s edumarketing.

Today’s guest is Ginger Bell, Founder of Edumarketing (a company that improves customer experience through more education and less selling) and bestselling author of The Edumarketer: Be the Marketer of Your Expertise. Ginger is here to share ways to identify who our customers are, answer their questions, and solve their problems by turning more of our marketing into education and using more video.

Ginger is a Telly Award-winning filmmaker and Emmy Award-winning co-producer. Before founding Edumarketing, she was also a Dale Carnegie public speaking course trainer. Today she talks about why genuine interest in another person is a concept underlying the core principles of the Carnegie method and edumarketing.

Ginger also feels strongly the mindset shift of connecting education to revenue is often the most challenging part of getting started with edumarketing (because sharing expertise is often a genuine pleasure). She shares how to make that shift, the edumarketing structure, and valuable tips for using video throughout the process.

Ginger and I also discussed:

How to extend customer experience to people who aren’t your customers
Why education is better than sales
How to use video in edumarketing
What mindset shift will enable you to become an educator
How to get started sharing your expertise with customers

Edumarketing: More Teaching, Less Selling

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Listen to “196. Edumarketing: More Teaching, Less Selling w/ Ginger Bell” on Spreaker.

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Video Highlights: Edumarketing: More Teaching, Less Selling

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Ginger Bell

1. Customer Experience: Mindset, Intention, and Touchpoints

2. Edumarketing: Education Plus Marketing

3. Segmentation: Write and Speak to One Person

4. Video Tip: Get Going, Then Get Good

5. Dale Carnegie Training: Public Speaking and Video

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