Driving Innovation Through Equity, Equality, and Justice

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The vast majority of the world deeply cares about fixing issues related to inequality, yet they do not know how to make an impact on their end. 

This is where companies like Tidal Equality come in to fill the gap. 

By analyzing the internal workings of a company and its customers’ experiences, they are able to identify areas of potential and actual inequality. With an unbiased outlook, they are able to spot areas of concern that may have never graced the radar of internal leaders, solving problems before they become all-encompassing.

While consultation does take time, Anna Dewar Gully believes that, through the assistance of tech, it can be as simple as a few, good questions. The reward that the consultation brings as a result is overwhelming.

Anna Dewar Gully is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Tidal Equality. With equity leading the way and equality being the objective, Tidal Equality aims to correct bias and make the world a better place for everyone from every demographic.

Living at the intersection of customer experience and employee experience, Anna Dewar Gully stands strong in the fight for justice. Powered by standard frameworks such as Lean and Human Centric Design, he shares her experiences in the field of equity and equality, as well as the value of having two CEOs and the impact she sees on customer experience leading to positive outcomes.

  • Why inequality is a mammoth problem that exists in our society
  • How equity and equality intersect
  • Where the focus should be: plurality vs. singularity
  • How effective consultation methods prevent costly mistakes in large corporations
  • Why two CEOs are better than one, and the power of partnership in creating change

Driving Innovation Through Equity, Equality, and Justice

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Video Highlights with Joey Coleman

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion about human connection and emotional impact in both employee experience and customer experience

1. Definition of Customer Experience

2. Definitions of Equality and Justice

3. Difference Between Equity and Equality

4. The Value of a Few Good Questions

5. All the Little Hammers

6. Thanks To Mom

7. Nod to Flywheel Degital

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