Revenue Acceleration Through Value Selling and Video Communication

Last Updated July 28th, 2022

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In most businesses, once you’ve been around for 40-plus years, you should probably consider retiring or getting an educational refresh on the business. In tech, it couldn’t be more different.

The industry is comprised of natural learners who gravitate towards using the latest and greatest tools available.

Our guest, Edward Golod, Founder, CEO, and Value Growth Leader at Revenue Accelerators, uses his enterprise sales and value selling expertise to help B2B tech startups with develop and accelerate revenue. After decades of experience successfully selling several different products and services into the majority of Fortune 100 companies, Edward divulges sales insights, frameworks, and approaches that are vital for success in modern tech businesses.

Edward Golod has been innovating in the tech industry for years. He’s sold for Microsoft, Eloqua, SAP, and other large companies. And he’s founded and built a few companies of his own.

In this conversation, Ed shares:

What three things a tech startup needs to succeed
How sales is different now from 40 years ago
Why selling to enterprise-level C-Suites is so difficult
What the value selling approach means
Why video is essential to revenue growth



Revenue Acceleration Through Value and Video

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Listen to “213. Revenue Acceleration Through Value and Video w/ Edward Golod” on Spreaker.



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Video Highlights: Revenue Acceleration Through Value and Video

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Edward Golod


1. Customer Experience Demands Awareness



2. The Challenges of Noise and Attention



3. Video to Communicate Strategic Value



4. The Essence of Value Selling



5. Bigger, Faster Deals Despite a Recession


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