Sell It Like a Mango For Better B2B Sales

Last Updated April 28th, 2022

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There will always be other sales professionals who sell what you sell. And while many B2B brands default to price or features as the primary differentiator, your prospects don’t see much difference and they’re looking for more.

To stand out, succeed, and thrive in B2B sales, you need an intentional strategy that goes beyond the price of your product. You need to offer value that differentiates and distinguishes you from other sales professionals in the crowded B2B marketplace.

Today I welcome Donald Kelly, Founder and Chief Sales Evangelist at The Sales Evangelist and author of Sell It Like a Mango: A New Seller’s Guide to Closing More Deals.

As a seller, Donald believes in being a difference-maker. He teaches pushing the role of a sales professional far beyond taking orders. In fact, for Donald, the mindset of a seller who stands out with value is grounded in differentiation, targeting, persuasion, and expertise rather than experience.

In addition to his role at The Sales Evangelist, Donald is the host of The Sales Evangelist Podcast and an adjunct professor of sales.

Where did this sales journey start for Donald? Selling mangos in Jamaica. You’ll hear the story of his very first sale in this conversation.

Today Donald talks about the concept of moral obligation in sales. Not only does it make sales easier when you tie your purpose to helping others, but it also addresses the fear that he experienced early in his career. Donald also shares how the fear that prevents sellers from helping others solve their problems is eradicated by the moral obligation to tell people about the solution. By honoring a moral obligation to uplift others whether selling a water bottle or a software solution, a seller transforms that negative, inward-looking fear into positive, outward-facing action.

Donald and I also discussed:

How CX represents the buyer’s whole journey
Why it’s important to use a cohort approach in sales training
What mindset helps to overcome fear in sales
How to achieve greater pipeline accuracy
Why hosting your own podcast can change your career



Sell It Like a Mango For Better B2B Sales

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Listen to “198. Sell It Like A Mango for Better B2B Sales w/ Donald Kelly” on Spreaker.



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Video Highlights: Sell It Like a Mango For Better B2B Sales

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1. Customer Experience is The Whole Customer Journey



2. How a Podcast Led to a Business



3. Origins of Sell It Like a Mango



4. Donald’s First Sales Experience



5. Stop Chasing The Wrong Prospects


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