A Case for Loving the Process, Not Just the Result

Last Updated October 9th, 2022

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In today’s hustle culture, everyone gets wrapped up in achieving exceptional results. Unfortunately, they often forget something far more important — the process that leads to those results. Becoming excellent takes time, and it’s the process of getting there that often determines success.

Our guest today is Shane Kidwell. Shane is the Executive Vice President of Sales at Victorian Finance, and he’s no stranger to excellence or process development. He’s here today to share his beliefs on human connection and intrinsic value, as well as some of the opportunities and struggles that led him to success across many industries and allowed him to help others do the same.

In addition to his current role, Shane has held many titles, including the CEO of an insurance company, owner of an apartment syndication business and co-working spaces, business sales production coach, a top 1% mortgage originator, firefighter, and more. And — impressively — he’s held many of these positions simultaneously and continues to do so.

Today Shane talks about the importance of falling in love with the journey to excellence, why a strong foundation is vital to success, and how expectations play a significant role in our mindset (hint: many expectations are out of scope). He also shares why assumptions are harmful, the importance of agreements, and the role of technology — like video — in spreading high-quality education.

Shane and I also discussed:

Why we need to fall in love with being excellent at our jobs
How to set effective expectations with your clients
What the main differences are between assumptions and agreements
How the mortgage business has evolved since its implosion in 2008
Where Shane’s strengths lie in all of his businesses



A Case for Loving the Process, Not Just the Result

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Listen to “223. A Case for Loving the Process, Not Just the Result w/ Shane Kidwell” on Spreaker.



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Video Highlights: A Case for Loving the Process, Not Just the Result

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Shane Kidwell


1. Customer Experience is a Family Experience



2. Love the Process to Get the Outcome



3. Live in Agreements, Not Assumptions



4. Content Creation and Education



5. Human Connection and Intangible Skills



Bonus: Something We Should all do More Often



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