Delivering Connected CX By Improving Go-To-Market Strategy

Last Updated December 3rd, 2021


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Businesses should constantly be working to operate more effectively. But effective operation depends on the state of the business itself.

What growth stage does your organization find itself in? Have you discovered problem-market fit? You know there’s value in what you have to offer, but do you yet have repeatable processes in place? Do you fall within the product market-fit category? This is where your brand has one product that provides a solution or meets the demands of a customer base. Is your organization at the platform-market fit stage? At this stage, customer success is the vital force driving business.

Once brands understand where they fall, they should be able to answer the four questions outlined by the go-to-market (GTM) MOVE framework and maximize performance.

  • Market (Who should we market to?)
  • Operations (What do we need to do to operate effectively?)
  • Velocity (When can we scale our business)
  • Expansion (Where can we grow the most?)

Today, our first-ever three-time guest Sangram Vajre is back on The Customer Experience Podcast. Sangram is the Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist at Terminus and co-author of the Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller MOVE: The 4-Question Go-to-Market Framework. He’s here today to share more of his B2B GTM expertise and what he learned throughout writing MOVE.

Before co-founding Terminus, Sangram ran marketing at Pardot (acquired by Salesforce). He’s also the host of the podcast FlipMyFunnel and the author of two additional books on the subject of account-based marketing (you can find those here).

Today Sangram talks about the three stages of business and how to determine where your organization falls. He outlines the importance of a go-to-market (GTM) framework and shares why following MOVE will help enterprises not only succeed but grow, thrive, and deliver a more connected CX. Sangram also shares why his most recent book isn’t one of inspiration. It’s one of functionality that contains blueprints, scorecards, frameworks, and templates to equip brands in transforming their business.

In this episode, Sangram and I also discussed:

What it means to find market fits with a problem, a product, or a platform
Why the connected experience is essential for frictionless CX
How GTM is a transformational process for acceleration
What 3 things the CEO should own
How the MOVE framework applies to scaling



Delivering Connected CX By Improving Go-To-Market Strategy

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Listen to “173. Delivering Connected CX By Improving Go-To-Market Strategy w/ Sangram Vajre” on Spreaker.





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Video Highlights: Delivering Connected CX By Improving Go-To-Market Strategy

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Sangram Vajre


1. A Connected Customer Experience



2. Putting Customer Success First



3. The Power of Net Recurring Revenue (NRR)



4. Three Ps: Problem-Market Fit, Product-Market Fit, Platform-Market Fit



5. Three Things The CEO Owns


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