The Seven Pillars of Customer Success

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Ethan Beute

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What’s one of the keys to creating loyal, lifelong customers? Your Customer Success (CS) team. To accomplish this, they must help deliver on the promise of why the customer became a customer in the first place.

This requires deep investment into the entire customer journey. In fact, it means being so immersed in the customer’s journey, CS becomes more than simply available and trusted. It becomes deeply strategic and valued.

In the role of strategic advisor, CS becomes so much more than a problem solver or even afterthought to performing any function that serves your customers’ best interests. Beyond onboarding and adoption and beyond retention and expansion, we must become true partners in our customers’ success.

Today’s guest, Wayne McCulloch, literally wrote the book on reimagining a new CS framework, The Seven Pillars of Customer Success. Wayne recognizes what’s missing in customer success — that it doesn’t swoop in to fix problems. It permeates every role with a perspective of ownership of the customer experience.

Wayne worked in CS and education for companies like Salesforce, IBM, HP Enterprise, Looker, and Kony. He currently serves as Global Head of Customer Success at Google Cloud (SaaS). This has led to his profound understanding of common mistakes in customer success (and the relationship between CS and CX) that are key to strategically creating customers for life.

Wayne and I also discussed:

How there were 5-12 pillars in the beginning of the book
What the seven pillars are — including Strategic Advisor
Why CS should serve in the roles of parents and police
How a 1940s movie perfectly illustrates CS
Why you should use a third party for customer exit interviews

The 7 Pillars of Customer Success

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Listen to “147. The 7 Pillars of Customer Success w/ Wayne McCulloch” on Spreaker.

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Video Highlights: The 7 Pillars of Customer Success

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Wayne McCulloch, author of The Seven Pillars of Customer Success

1. Salesforce, CS, and the “Customer for Life” Organization…

2. Going Beyond Customer Education and Adoption

3. Owning the Moment, Not the Customer

4. Churn Journey Mapping

5. The Future of CS and the Hunter/Farmer Divide

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Ethan Beute

Former Chief Evangelist

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