The Process to Drive Revenue with Video Messaging

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At the root of so many of the challenges we face – and of our inability to capitalize on opportunities – are human issues. Emotion. Trust. Confidence. Communication. With the intentional, purposeful use of video messaging, those human factors can become assets, and companies can flourish.

Through The BombBomb Method, you get deliver a proven strategy for driving revenue with video messaging beyond the gimmick of pattern interruption. This method is about re-humanizing your day-to-day, faceless digital communication and, as a result, increasing conversion by getting to “yes” earlier and more often. When this is aligned with real business value and outcomes, it’s powerful.

In this episode, Ethan Beute, Chief Evangelist at BombBomb, walks through each step of this method. He shares what it means to use the full impact of video messaging by creating more human-to-human moments in digital environments that make attention harder to get and trust harder to build.

Ethan has been with BombBomb for nearly a dozen years and has an unhindered dedication to bridging the digital divide through video content. He believes every professional should incorporate video messaging in their communication channels to increase human touch and improve results.

Listen in to learn from Ethan:

  • What the two parts and seven steps of the method include – and how they work
  • Why video messaging is not about video
  • Where to add video to increase conversion and to grow revenue
  • How to create consistency in your own recording and sending – and how to help your team with this consistency
  • How to use The Bow Tie Funnel to map your best use cases for video

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The Process to Drive Revenue with Video Messaging

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Listen to “250. The Process to Drive Revenue with Video Messaging w/ Ethan Beute” on Spreaker.

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