The Death of Distance in a Digitally Polluted World

Last Updated May 27th, 2022

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Humans have built-in biological barriers that are natural safeguards, like the ability to catch ourselves by instinct if we trip. They’re valuable in environments we’re created and built for. But across digital environments, we don’t yet have those same innate safeguards to protect ourselves. The digital platform was created so recently that we don’t know how to interact in such unfamiliar territory.

One significant biological barrier that hasn’t transitioned well to digital, virtual, and online spaces? “Stranger danger.” We’ll talk to anyone online without suspicion or even caution — much to our risk and disadvantage.

Today’s guest on The Customer Experience Podcast is cybersecurity and cyberpsychology expert Dr. Erik Huffman. Dr. Huffman is the Director of Information Technology at BombBomb. He’s here today to share his research and belief that we’re in the middle of learning the hard way to construct the psychological barriers that we need to thrive in the digital environment — our growing pains as digital citizens. Our seeming eagerness to expose ourselves to risk in a digital environment is problematic at best and harmful at worst.

In addition to being an exemplary teammate here at BombBomb, Dr. Huffman is the founder of Handshake Leadership, a TEDx speaker, track coach, mentor, and an adjunct professor. He’s also the host of the MiC Club podcast that focuses on the state of diversity in cyber and one of the experts featured in Dear {first_name}, a documentary film on digital pollution.

Today, Dr. Huffman shares his thoughts on the death of distance, the notion that nobody is far away or out of reach anymore. Online, anyone can reach us — anytime, anywhere. “In time, we begin to miss what’s real, what’s authentic,” said Dr. Huffman. We crave what is meaningful and human in an environment full of digital pollution. He also talks about what the Death of Distance costs in terms of our safety and psychology, the growing trend of cyberattacks, and what we’re up against in digital environments.

Dr. Huffman and I also discussed:

How How the digital environment has changed our concept of “customer”
What cyberpsychology is and why it matters
Why cybersecurity is growing so much and needs to grow even more
What impact digital pollution and the Death of Distance have
Why Erik launched MiC Club and the state of diversity in cyber



The Death of Distance in a Digitally Polluted World

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Listen to “202. The Death of Distance in a Digitally Polluted World w/ Dr. Erik Huffman” on Spreaker.



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