Start With “What” to Create Clarity

Last Updated January 17th, 2023

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In business, almost everyone thinks they have clarity. Even deeper, they think they have greater clarity than those around them. But most genuinely don’t understand exactly what clarity is, and they truly haven’t achieved it.

Joining the podcast today is Ann Latham. Ann is the President of Uncommon Clarity. She believes that clarity requires knowing precisely what you’re trying to accomplish, in very specific terms, with a thoroughly outlined idea of how you’ll get there.

In addition to her role at Uncommon Clarity, Ann is also the author of several books, including The Power of Clarity, Uncommon Meetings, The Disconnect Principle, and The Clarity Papers. She’s helped clients in over 40 industries, from large corporations like Boeing and Medtronic to nonprofits like PBS and United Way.

Today Ann shares the importance of clarity — the common thread throughout each of her books — in all aspects of business. She also dives into how it can help you access your greatest untapped opportunities for better results with increased confidence and commitment and the alarming costs of disclarity.

Ann and I also discussed:

How clarity factors into a positive or negative customer experience
What the specific definitions of clarity and dis-clarity are
How cognitive load-specific movements can help boost productivity
Why the emotional component of customer experience is so important
How specificity, process, focus, and clarity work together



Start With “What” to Create Clarity

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Listen to “238. Start With “What” to Create Clarity” on Spreaker.



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Video Highlights: Start with “What” to Create Clarity

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Ann Latham


1. Customer Experience is Cradle to Grave



2. The Spectrum of Clarity



3. A Key Career Question to Ask



4. More Specificity for Greater Clarity



5. The Six Destination Verbs


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