Essential Traits of the Next Generation CRO

Last Updated October 29th, 2021

Brandi Starr, Mike Geller, Rolly Keenan, Tegrita, CMO to CRO, Chief Revenue Officer, The Revenue Takeover by the Next Generation Executive


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Marketing, Sales, Support, Success: There’s no reason to keep these department silos separate. Their common goal is revenue, so their leadership should be the same, too. And today, that leadership comes in the form of a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).

Not only does the CRO focus on revenue growth, but they also focus on the necessary precursor to revenue growth – the creation of a seamless CX across the entire customer journey or lifecycle. For a CRO, the CX is every interaction your customers have with your brand, end-to-end. And it’s this kind of focus on every interaction, this kind of leadership and organizational unification that lends the potential for exponential growth.

Today my guests are Tegrita’s Chief Operating Officer Brandi Starr, Chief Revenue Officer Rolly Keenan, and President and Chief Technology Officer Mike Geller. They’re co-authors and experts in the CMO-to-CRO shift. And together, they wrote CMO to CRO: The Revenue Takeover by the Next Generation Executive as a way to challenge the current line of thinking on the CRO role (and even on the CMO role).

Finding and keeping a successful CRO today is more crucial (and harder) than ever before.

The role itself is vital because it unites customer-facing departments and creates a consistent CX — all in the name of revenue and the customer.

But it also blends many elements and responsibilities found in other positions into one. CROs need the technical knowledge to comprehend data, creative expertise to understand the brand, and the people skills to collaborate with four different leaders in four separate departments — thus making it more challenging to fill. Today, Brandi, Rolly, and Mike talk about the next generation of CROs and share why a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is likely the best candidate for this role.

Join us as we discuss:

Why the rise of the CRO is vital to good CX
How to tame your Frankenstack
What CMOs can do to shift into CROs
Where to position RevOps with respect to the CRO function
Why Tegrita created a CRO role and wrote a book about it


Essential Traits of the Next Generation CRO

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Video Highlights: Essential Traits of the Next Generation CRO

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Brandi Starr, Rolly Keenan, and Mike Geller


1. CMO as the Best Candidate for CRO



2. Customer Success is the Desired Outcome and Experience



3. Best in Class Technology Isn’t Always Best for You



4. Improving Revenue Operations Roles (No More Player/Coach)



5. Why RevOps is Separate from IT


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