Best Practices for Win-Loss Analysis

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Who knows more about a breakup? The couple? Or the bartender speaking with one of the affected parties afterward? We can almost guarantee that the bartender has more of an idea about why the relationship ended than the other half of the couple.

Objective third-party perspectives can unearth truths in business loss scenarios as effectively as that bartender when properly leveraged. The right third party knows what questions to ask: What happened to you? How did you feel about it? What decision did you make in response to that?

These types of conversation take the form of — to coin a less academic phrase — “strategic gossip.” More than simply finding out what final event led to a customer’s decision, these conversations uncover every step leading to that choice and the emotion behind those steps.

Understanding the “why” of a win or loss in business is only as effective as the conversations we’re having with customers. From there, everyone from customer success to sales can use that data to make changes to their methods and adjust operations accordingly.

How do we get the most out of these conversations, and why is an unstructured approach superior to a rigid agenda?

We spoke with Scott Varner, Enterprise Team Lead at Clozd, a provider of world-class services and technology for win-loss analysis. Scott has served as a business development rep, product manager, marketing manager, Client Success analyst, and customer success manager at organizations like Qualtrics and FranklinCovey.

Scott is a champion for bringing the power of candid conversation into uncovering game-changing win-loss analytics. He understands what it takes to get the most out of a loss and leverage the raw truth for improved future outcomes.

Listen in to learn with Scott:

  • What exactly win-loss analysis is – and basic steps to get going or get more value from your program
  • How to leverage both qualitative and quantitative data for meaningful win-loss insights
  • Why win-loss interviews are so important and tips to help you succeed in the process
  • How to optimize conversation to get customers to share the raw truth about their experiences
  • How to leverage all of this for customer churn analysis

Best Practices for Win-Loss Analysis

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Listen to “259. Best Practices for Win-Loss Analysis w/ Scott Varner” on Spreaker.

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Video Highlights with Scott Varner of Clozd

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion about improving customer experience through win-loss analysis

1. Definition of Customer Experience

2. Definition of Win-Loss Analysis

3. Common Mistakes and Shortcomings in Win-Loss Analysis

4. Steps to Becoming a Better Interviewer

5. Two Specific Win-Loss Interview Tips

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