The North Star of Legendary Customer Experience

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A home is one of the most significant, important purchases people make. But that doesn’t mean the process is easy. And unfortunately, it’s not always the most enjoyable. Building and buying a new home can be an extremely stressful experience. But it doesn’t have to be!

For most prospective buyers, that last sentence prompts a scoff and a shake of the head. When it comes to marketing home building and buying services, professionals have to contend with two things: a client’s budget and a client’s emotions.

Danielle Lipari-Mareth, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Lennar in Austin, Texas, is no stranger to marrying the two. Lennar’s mission is to pair the right home to every buyer and provide a top-of-the-line experience throughout the entire process. Danielle’s expertise and insight in bringing a client’s vision to life – while remaining sane throughout – transcend real estate and translate across industries.

Danielle served as a salesperson, a sales leader, and a mentor in admissions and staffing before turning her passion and talents toward new home sales a decade ago. Since then, she’s perfected and polished the art of the legendary customer experience, and has encouraged teams across the country to do the same.

Listen in to learn with Danielle:

  • How shifting to perspective to the buyer’s side of the customer journey makes better sales and marketing
  • How to make sure you’re treating your customer as an individual, not a sale
  • Why a healthy marriage between sales and marketing is essential for customer experience
  • What it means to make legendary customer experience your North Star
  • What the role of humans is in new home sales

The North Star of Legendary Customer Experience

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Listen to “The North Star of Legendary Customer Experience” on Spreaker.

Danielle Lipari-Mareth, Lennar, Austin, The Customer Experience Podcast, podcast quote, legendary customer experience

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Video Highlights with Danielle Lipari-Mareth

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion about creating culture and customer experience from the North Star of “legendary”

1. Definition of Customer Experience

2. The Nuance and Importance of Customer Experience

3. Reducing Friction by Improving Communication

4. Creating Legendary Customer Experience

5. Building Relationships and Guiding with Empathy

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