The Power of Human Connection in B2B Sales

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The shift to a digitally driven, AI-empowered world has some leaders questioning the value of costly face-to-face meetings in sales. In reality, with the assistance of AI and advanced technology, salespeople are freed from mundane tasks to be able to make more meaningful, personal interactions with customers.

Salespeople are the living, breathing embodiment of a company’s success, not a commodity. The sales team is the beginning of the customer satisfaction and customer experience journey. A customer-centric revenue team is the first rung on the ladder to the best customer experience.

A successful sales-to-CS transition is of the utmost importance. That’s where feedback loops of internal communication shines. Customers share tons of information marketing, sales, customer success, and each department they interact with. The best revenue teams focus on remaining curious and turning the feedback into a timely and relevant response, as well as meaningful and valuable action.

Even in the digital age, authentic human-to-human connections remain at the heart of a strong revenue team.

We spoke with Jessica Herrala, Head of Sales (North America) at Buildots, B2B sales extraordinaire, and customer satisfaction champion. She offers a unique perspective built upon her experience in VP and C-level marketing and communication roles.

Jessica’s unique perspective in a CRO role, along with her passion for customer experience, helps her develop meaningful relationships with customers, specifically in the B2B space of construction and construction tech. Finding ways to meet her customers where they are catalyzes the sales process of selling what the customer needs — even if they do not necessarily want it.

Listen in to learn with Jessica:

  • What the role of relationships are in an increasingly digital and AI-driven world
  • How human interaction increases ROI
  • What the role of CRO is in customer experience
  • How to build a team and culture from scratch by hiring the right people
  • How to sell something people need, but don’t necessarily want

The Power of Human Connection in B2B Sales

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Listen to “255. The Power of Human Connection in B2B Sales w/ Jessica Herrala” on Spreaker.

Jessica Herrala, Buildots, B2B Sales, The Customer Experience Podcast, quote, human race, connection, relationships, tech

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Video Highlights with Jessica Herrala

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion about building meaningful relationships and creating human connection in B2B sales

1. No Replacement for Human Connection

2. Two Signs of a Healthy Reveue Team

3. Two Reasons Customer Success Gets Undervalued

4. Building a Revenue Culture from Scratch

5. Shifting from Buyer Side to Vendor Side

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Jessica Herrala, Buildots, B2B Sales, The Customer Experience Podcast, quote, CRO, Chief Revenue Officer, Head of Sales, revenue team

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