Creating Conversational Relationships With Thousands of Customers

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Ethan Beute

Former Chief Evangelist
Ali Biggs, product marketer, marketing director, Intercom, chatbot, conversational relationship platform, marketing team

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The best conversation that you can have with a customer is one in which they don’t walk away without answers. That might sound obvious, but the path to arriving there requires you to know exactly how to balance bots and humans — and how to transition seamlessly between them. It sounds like a tall order … because it is.

Our guest on The Customer Experience Podcast, Ali Biggs, focuses on building conversational relationships, humanizing the brand, and leveraging data.

To navigate the nuance of how to create conversational relationships in a business context, it’s going to take using all the data at your disposal to work efficiently for the customer’s benefit. For example, a customer should never have to repeat information for a human that they already told a bot.

Ali is Senior Director of Product Marketing at Intercom, a conversational relationship platform (CRP). She believes that the best way to build a relationship is to be constantly in communication with your customers.

Her role in product marketing allows her to interact with the entire organization – product, marketing, sales, customer success, and beyond — to understand exactly what prospects and customers want and need.

Ali also talked with me about…

What customer experience (CX) encompasses
How to utilize bots to converse at volume
How to manage the handoff from bot to human
Where to position product marketing for greatest effect
What internal and external communication looks like for product marketers

Creating Conversational Relationships With Thousands of Customers

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Listen to “135. Creating Conversational Relationships With Thousands of Customers w/ Ali Biggs” on Spreaker.

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Video Highlights: Creating Conversational Relationships With Thousands of Customers

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Ali Biggs of Intercom

1. What CX Encompasses

2. Two Ways To Use Bots

3. Managing the Handoff from Bot to Human

4. The Central Role of Product Marketing

5. Product Marketing: Internal vs External Communication

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Ethan Beute

Former Chief Evangelist

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