Building Trust in High-Stakes Environments

Last Updated April 10th, 2023

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In many ways, trust makes the world go round in all corners of civilization – trust in work, family members, resource providers, industries, and more. This fact extends to building the foundation of an unshakable team.

With this truth in mind, it is critical to remember that you cannot earn genuine trust through force or intimidation. To authentically build trust as a leader in almost any situation, you must first establish common ground and provide relevant solutions. Can you empathize with your people’s pain? Are your aims cohesive with their goals?

In dire circumstances and high-stakes environments, people do not tend to follow those with wealth, prestige, or the most experience. They follow resonance and intentionality — the leader aligned with their pain, needs, and goals. When leaders focus on being both relatable and relevant, their team will follow them almost anywhere, assured of their common interests and end goals.

What does that mean at the ground level, and how can we ensure our efforts are genuine?

We spoke with Scott Mann, retired US Army Green Beret and Lieutenant Colonel, Founder of several organizations, including Rooftop Leadership, the 501C3 non-profit The Hero’s Journey, and Task Force Pineapple. He is intimately familiar with high-stakes environments and what it takes to lead with intention.

Scott knows better than most how critical it is to connect with others. With a deep understanding of human nature, our ancient wiring, and how that affects us daily, Scott leverages all he’s learned to support leaders who care. Several books, including Breathing for Warriors and Human Givens, came up in our conversation as Scott offered guides for understanding our natures and accessing the leader in us all.

Listen in to learn with Scott:

  • What factors contribute to disconnection and distrust
  • How trust can be built from genuine conversation and authentic connection
  • What lessons he learned as a Green Beret apply that apply to each of our professional lives
  • Why humans are a “MESSS”
  • What it means to “Lead from the Rooftop”
  • Why video messages are uniquely powerful



Building Trust in High-Stakes Environments

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Listen to “247. Building Trust in High-Stakes Environments w/ Scott Mann” on Spreaker.


Video Highlights with Scott Mann:

Check out the top five video highlights from our discussion about building trust in high-stakes environments

1. The Story As Customer Experience



2. The “MESSS” of Human Nature



3. Being Relatable and Relevant



4. Saving Lives with Video Messages



5. Three Questions for Every Customer Engagement


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