Sales As The Science of Service

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The job of salespeople isn’t to convince — it’s to be an asset to the customer.

Effective sales functions on the belief it’s the science of service. And that belief? It requires setting accurate, transparent expectations and meeting them consistently to succeed.

Back on today’s episode is Todd Caponi. Todd is the Founder of Sales Melon (amongst many other professional titles), and he joins me today to share the sales industry’s fundamentals, including those established over 100 years ago. And while sales has shifted, Todd takes a values-based perspective — what was good for people then perpetuates today.

A self-professed sales and history nerd Todd is an advisor, speaker, workshop leader, sales historian, and two-time author — most recently of Transparent Sales Leader: How The Power of Sincerity, Science & Structure Can Transform Your Sales Team’s Results — who’s earned the attention and respect of business leaders worldwide. He built his impressive career in sales leadership roles at companies like SAP, Exact Target (now Salesforce Marketing Cloud), and Power Reviews.

Today Todd shares his thoughts on creating expectations and the problems in the sales process today. He also dives into some of the frameworks highlighted in Transparent Sales Leader, his thoughts on personalization, the quality of a sales pipeline, and how video has helped him create (and close) more opportunities.

Todd and I also discussed:

When the science of sales began to emerge
Why successful sales leadership is like the ultimate team sport
How the power of sincerity, science, and structure can transform your sales team’s results
How digital pollution and noise impact today’s sales cycle
Where in the sales process can you set consistent and transparent expectations

Sales As The Science of Service

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Listen to “230. Sales As The Science of Service w/ Todd Caponi” on Spreaker.
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Video Highlights: Sales As The Science of Service

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Todd Caponi

1. The Myth of the CX Mountaintop

2. The Five Rs For Revenue Leaders

3. Restoring Empathy and Connection in Sales

4. Making Buyer-Centric Tech Decisions

5. Benefits of Video for Buyers

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