Becoming a People-Centered Sales Leader

Last Updated June 17th, 2022

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When you move from being a valued team member to the leader of the team, a mindset shift is required.

Whether you’re in sports, fitness, or sales — a leader understands that personal connections are not just meaningful. They’re required for success in the role. And what got you to the sales leadership position isn’t necessarily what you’re going to need to win – or what will work for someone else.

Becoming a leader is about creating space for human-centered connection and opening yourself up to change in service of others.

Today’s guest is Ni Adesokan, Senior Manager of Strategic Brands at Affirm. And he’s here to explain exactly why the shift from team member to team leader can be so difficult and why it may not be the best option for everyone.

Ni is in constant pursuit of becoming a better communicator, problem-solver, and critical thinker today than he was yesterday. He started his career in the fitness industry, then spent four and a half years at, where he built their first-ever sales development rep (SDR) team.

He’s also featured in the award-winning BombBomb documentary, Dear {first_name}, a documentary film about the causes, consequences, and solutions to digital pollution.

According to Ni, “Being a leader is understanding that everyone is not like you; everyone does not have that same desire to be number one on the leaderboard.”

Today he shares how leaders can coach teams to be the best version of themselves. He also talks about how to lead in service of others, the importance of how leaders make their team feel, and why exploring the role of an individual contributor might be more valuable than taking on a leadership role.

Ni and I also discussed:

How to inject being human into automated virtual interactions
Why connecting with your team on a personal level changes the game
What to do when you get pushback from inbound and outbound sales development
Why shifting your mindset going into a leadership position is so important
How authenticity impacts team support



Becoming a People-Centered Sales Leader

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Listen to “206. Becoming A People-Centered Sales Leader w/ Ni Adesokan” on Spreaker.



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Video Highlights: Becoming a People-Centered Sales Leader

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3. Ni’s Approach to Sales Leadership



4. So You Want to be a Manager…



5. Likeability, Transparency, and Face to Face



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