Tracing Every Relationship Back to One Relationship

Last Updated November 28th, 2022

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Relationships make the world go round. And professional connections are no exception. Whether with referral partners or customers or coworkers, how we conduct ourselves and connect with others impacts every part of business.

One relationship can make a critical difference — no connection is trivial. If we think back to a wonderful and valuable relationship in our life, odds are we can trace that one relationship to high-value, present-day opportunities that would otherwise not exist.

With such remarkable stakes on the line, how can we better invest in our relationships?

Today’s guest is Matt Beckwith, Executive Vice President at OVM Financial, powered by AnnieMac Home Mortgage. For several consecutive years, OVM Financial has been one of the INC 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America.

Matt believes that humility, curiosity, honesty, and persistence are keys to effective communication and long-lasting relationships. Through setting proper boundaries and investing in personal and professional connections, Matt excels at balancing his social web. He is also recognized as one of the Top Mortgage Loan Originators in the country by Scotsman Guide — one of the (if not the) most authoritative voices in the space.

Matt is the host of Winning with Beckwith, a podcast focused on conversations with top business owners and leaders in the local community, where he shares actionable insights while revealing practical sales and leadership skills that will help listeners grow, both in business and in life.

Today Matt shares the importance of honesty and transparency in the loan process, why having thoughtful conversations that address pain points is critical (rather than making assumptions), how social networks are like spiderwebs — with endless connection points and ripple effects, and the importance and impact of setting professional boundaries to foster success.

Matt and I also discussed:

How to communicate effectively during times of change
Why humility is key in effective communication
How one relationship can be the key to unlocking incredible opportunities
What you can do to find the right team of people around you
What Matt’s Plan is with Season 2 of his podcast: “Winning With Beckwith”



Tracing Every Relationship Back to One Relationship

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Listen to “231. Tracing Every Relationship Back to One Relationship w/ Matt Beckwith” on Spreaker.



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Video Highlights: Tracing Every Relationship Back to One Relationship

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Matt Beck

1. Great CX is The Feeling of Welcome



2. Humility and Honesty in Communication



3. Every Relationship From One Relationship



4. Humility and Curiosity in Sales



5. Setting Priorities and Boundaries


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