The 4 A’s of Customer Experience

Last Updated April 27th, 2021


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Yes, everyone should want customer experience (CX) to be an integral part of their organization’s DNA. But they should also accept that they, too, are a part of this CX.

From engineers to sales professionals to C-suite executives, every person in the company shares responsibility for improving the customer experience.

Retention is a huge area of focus for companies right now. That means integrating customer experience with across-the-board accountability is, if possible, even more essential now than ever before.

Today’s guest on “The Customer Experience Podcast,” Leah Chaney, is our guide to following CX throughout the entire customer lifestyle and into every role in the company — with the goal of improving revenue growth and retention. Her team’s A’s of Accountability bucketing system provides focus and alignment across our teams: acquisition, activation, adoption, and advocacy.

Leah is Founder and Chief Experience Officer at BetterGrowth, a company focused on providing world-class customer experiences. She explains that if you don’t have roles in charge of directing customer experience, it’s going to happen anyway without your involvement, which is a risk you can’t afford.

Leah talked with me about…

How customer experience is like a theme park
Where CS fits into your organization
What the 4 A’s are and how to scale them
How to weave retention into all of your goals
Why executive buy-in is critical to successful CX initiatives



The 4 A’s of Customer Experience

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Video Highlights: The 4 A’s of Customer Experience

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Leah Chaney of BetterGrowth


1. How CX Is Like a Theme Park


2. Where CX Fits in Your Organization


3. Improving Retention by Improving Acquisition


4. Why You Need an Expansion Playbook


5. Getting Executive Buy-In


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