Building Customer Experience From the Ground Up

Last Updated December 29th, 2020

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Would you ever require someone to have a conversation with your company’s founders before closing a deal? As in, you won’t sell your product to them unless they agree to talk to your leadership?

Hundreds of conversations later, this unique and uniquely valuable strategy was the foundation for building customer success into the very fabric of the organization before beginning to scale. It meant doing something that doesn’t scale to learn how to provide something that does — value across the entire customer experience (CX).

Today’s guest on The Customer Experience Podcast, Eric Crane, explains why he and his Cofounder David Boskovic decided to pack their schedules with conversations with every customer.

“One of the biggest pain points to good experience is time to value,” he said. His objective became delivering that value using data as quickly as possible.

Eric, Cofounder and Chief Operating Officer at Flatfile, wanted to build a bridge between messy data and the idea of usable, happy, structured data that we all want inside our systems. By putting the human first, he and David constructed a whole new picture of customer success based on customer experience and value.

Eric talked with me about…

Why customer experience is a journey
What the relationship is between CX and CS – Customer Success
What can be learned from talking to every customer
How to focus on adding comfort, while still removing the pain for customers
Why and how every team member must make informed decisions

And a final fun fact here: Eric hosts the podcast Customer Success Leader.


Building Customer Experience From the Ground Up

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Listen to “113. Building A Customer Experience From the Ground Up w/ Eric Crane” on Spreaker.


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Video Highlights: Building Customer Experience From the Ground Up

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Eric Crane of Flatfile below…


1. Customer Experience as a Journey



2. Customer Experience vs Customer Success



3. Talking to Every Customer



4. Removing Pain and Adding Comfort to Reduce Buyer’s Remorse



5. Decision Making by “Informed Captains”



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