Why Better CX Is The Goal, Not Disruption

Last Updated November 29th, 2021

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In the B2B industry, disruption is not the goal. It’s the outcome. Disruption occurs as organizations introduce dramatic improvements to customer experiences.

Rather than being seen with angst or irritation, disruption is simply an evolution. It’s about reducing friction and about helping people. And in this light, it’s a welcome event — one of change, growth, and redefining business practices to ultimately create a better CX.

Today’s guest is Michelle Lisowski, the Global Director, B2B Marketing at Uber. For Michelle and her team, disruption isn’t the objective; creating a better CX is.

At Uber, they’re working consistently to create new services in the lines of Uber for Business, Uber Freight, and Uber Health. Michelle’s team is also redefining what business travel means and elevating the CX by frequently surprising customers with new ways to use the service.

Before joining Uber, Michelle served as Head of Brand and Growth at Kabbage. She also spent more than a dozen years at Google, where she started as an AdWords rep and last served as Head of Global Acquisition for Google Cloud Growth Marketing.

In this concersation, Michelle shares the strategies that help contribute to successful leadership and management. With trust in a strong leadership team, structured marketing teams that focus on different lines of business, and prioritizing communication with an open-door policy, leaders can better manage time and attention across multiple projects. Michelle also talks about the significance of continually learning from customers and employees alike, intentionality in marketing, and the importance of the wellbeing of the whole employee/whole person.

Michelle and I also discussed:

What Michelle means when she says CX is everything
How Uber for Business creates new offerings
Why disruption should be recognized as serving customers
How Michelle manages multiple lines of business with trust in people
When customer-centricity became a practice for Michelle
How Michelle advanced inside Google in her dozen+ years there



Why Better CX Is The Goal, Not Disruption

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Listen to “171. Why Better CX Is The Goal, Not Disruption w/ Michelle Lisowski” on Spreaker.



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Video Highlights: Why Better CX Is The Goal, Not Disruption

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Michelle Lisowski


1. Customer Experience is Everything



2. Uber for Business and Pandemic Pivots



3. Applying Qualitative and Quantitative Data



4. Redefining Disruption



5. Three Tips for Leaders and Managers


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