Total Expert + Video Automation = Vist

Total Expert
+ Video Automation
= Market Share

More market share requires more closed loans. Where will they be found?

They’re found in conversations for all your LOs sparked by more human and more engaging messages in Total Expert Journeys.

Vist Event Library script and BombBomb video Vist Event Library script and BombBomb video

More Loans
With Vist

Vist adds video messages to Total Expert Journeys with guidance, automation, and scalability to help every one of your loan officers increase pull through, generate referrals, and close more loans.

Put An End To:

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Not enough leads and dampened conversion rates across your LOs

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Low clicks, replies, and conversations from the millions of emails you’re sending

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Uncertainty among LOs on how or when to use video — and what to say

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Lack of capacity to review, improve, and measure your LOs’ digital outreach

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Undifferentiated communication in a relationship- and referral-based business

Humanize, differentiate, and improve the
results from your Total Expert Journeys.

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Vist in 1 Minute

Patented Tech Seamlessly Integrated Into Total Expert

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Adds videos in every LO’s Journey email (and soon in Competitive Intelligence and Campaigns) by adding a video code once, saving hours of time

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Gives every LO coaching and guidance to record specific videos, then automatically inserts them into the right email in the right Journey

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Includes Journey performance benchmarking, email writing, and video scripting through our human-centered
communication framework

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Humanizes and differentiates every LO in an easy, automated, and cost-effective way

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Levels up the Total Expert/ BombBomb integration and your Total Expert Journeys

Five people in a meeting Five people in a meeting

Consistency and Differentiation to Build Market Share

Higher Loan Volumes
from More Loan Officers

To reach your company’s goals in a market like this, you need to find more loans. They’ll be found in conversations your loan officers spark through Vist.

This low-effort, high-impact solution to one of your biggest challenges was developed specifically based on insights and feedback from you, your peers, marketing and CRM managers, loan officers, and other industry experts.

Watch to learn how to create and close more loans:

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Easy and Scalable for Marketing and CRM Managers

Let BombBomb and Vist Do the Heavy Lifting

Bring on a true partner in your success. BombBomb’s brought digital marketing and video messaging expertise to the mortgage industry for over a decade.

Vist Event Library

New Event

Video lists upload to Total Expert Video lists upload to Total Expert

Vist Includes

A review of your content, copy, and analytics

Direct support with Journey email writing, editing, and video placement

Video scripting to improve your LOs’ response rates and click rates

Watch to learn how Vist saves your company time:

In case you were wondering, Vist blends the words video and trust … an apt name for this product, right?

Man looking at mobile device Man looking at mobile device

Because You’re
Better In Person

The Easiest Way to Start Using Video

For more than a decade, BombBomb has helped tens of thousands of professionals in industries like mortgage, real estate, financial advisory, and insurance use video messages to build relationships and boost sales production.

Your loan officers might be like many of them: not sure what to say, not sure what to send, not sure when to send it.

The result? They’re missing the opportunity to close more loans by humanizing and differentiating their messages with video.

Watch this short video to learn how Vist solves this problem:

A win for your company, marketing team, loan officers, and — most importantly — your customers.

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