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Video for Salesforce

With BombBomb Video, there’s no more effective way to record or upload videos, send directly out of Salesforce, and track engagement.

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We know how frustrating it is when your outreach goes ignored.

Of course you’re better face to face–most sales professionals are. But when you can’t be there in person your sales activities should be as personal, effective, and engaging as your prospects and decision makers become harder and harder to reach.

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Actionable Insights and Measurable Results.

Not sure who’s engaging with your emails?

Not sure if video’s really making a difference in your customers’ and team members’ lives? We show you everything you need to know about what you and your team are sending. Every email send, email open, link click, and video played is logged as a Salesforce activity.

BombBomb Features for Salesforce

Quickly and easily send video emails to stand out in your audience’s inbox.

Recording + Uploading

There’s no more effective or faster way to record a personal video, record your screen, or upload an existing video directly inside Salesforce. BombBomb Video is available in both the Sales and Service Clouds.

Tracking + Analytics

Your roll-up analytics dashboard provides visibility and insight into team and individual performance, allowing you to scale best practices across the entire organization.

Proprietary Video Tech

Recording videos doesn’t add time to your workflow; it saves time. Our proprietary video uploader encodes the video while you record it, so it’s instantly ready to send.

Video in More Places

Easily compose, record, send, and track personal videos directly from the Sales Cloud or the Service Cloud.

Step One

Request a Demo

One of our custom solutions experts will personally show you how BombBomb Video can help you get better results from your team’s digital communication.

Step Two

We’ll create a customized plan

No two teams are the same. We’ll establish an actionable implementation plan for your unique team to reach your goals with video.

Step Three

We’ll execute the plan together

Through a combination of the BombBomb Academy, training sessions, and Customer Support & Success, we’ll make sure your team stays on track every step of the way.

You must stand out.

Get more replies, set more meetings, and close more opportunities with BombBomb.

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