How Embracing Failure Actually Benefits Your Customers

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Marc Rodan was unhappy with his life in the Netherlands. And he didn’t think it was possible to be happy there. He thought he’d have to create the life he wanted somewhere else.

But one day he realized that he may not need a change of scenery. Instead, maybe he just needed to change his mindset. He realized that he needed to believe that he could improve his situation.

So, he embraced failure and just started doing things. Making small changes and experimenting in all aspects of his work and life. He started connecting with people, having more fun, and expanding his horizon of possibilities.

That’s what he calls a growth mindset (hat tip to Carol Dweck). Could you benefit from a similar shift? Is this episode for you? Marc speaks to it in this clip …


This mindset has a lot of benefits to offer us as individuals. But it can also provide some great wins for companies — and their customers, too.

Marc joined me on the latest episode of The Customer Experience Podcast to talk about cultivating a growth mindset and the benefits it offers to your customers. Marc is Co-Founder of Ninjafy, a company that’s all about human-centric leadership. He’s also the founder and owner of Rodan Creative, which focuses on unique learning that inspires action.

I expect you’ll enjoy his unique view of the world and growth-minded approach to doing life and business well.



How Embracing Failure Actually Benefits Your Customers

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Listen to “24. How Failure Actually Benefits Your Customers w/ Marc Rodan” on Spreaker.



What Does It Mean to be a Growth-Minded Company?

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When Marc started experimenting and making small changes, he started seeing improvements in his life.

Teams and companies can experience the same thing.

Here are some of Marc’s ideas about becoming a growth-minded company …


To be a growth-minded company, you’ve got to believe in the growth of your people. When you’re hiring someone, don’t just look at their experience or their skills. Look at their enthusiasm and willingness to give their best and commit to learning.

And give your people the freedom to experiment … the freedom to fail.

When you do that, people start to try things. They start to do things out of their comfort zone because they’re not just trying to please you or prove that they’re good enough.

They start growing and you start growing.

And together, you start making little changes that make a big difference for your company and for your customers.



Taking the First Steps Towards a Growth Mindset

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Achieving this mindset is all about taking tiny steps forward.

One of the first things you can do to change your mindset is to start asking “why.”

Why do you get out of bed in the morning? If you’re leading a team, why do they get out of bed in the morning?

What gives you energy?

Are you really happy to work at your company? What would you change?

And just start doing things. Experiment. See what improves your situation…and what doesn’t. Either way, you’re learning, growing, and improving.

Marc provides some tips for managers and leaders to help cultivate growth mindsets in team members …



A Growth Mindset Benefits Your Customers

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Marc identifies two primary areas in which you can experiment in the workplace:

  • You can experiment to make your product better.
  • You can experiment to make your own work better.

You should always be doing both. And either way, the customer wins.

When you become willing to fail, it’s not just about maintaining the status quo or making a profit anymore.

It’s about finding new solutions. Solutions that make things better for your customer.

When you have a growth mindset, the benefits to your customer are almost endless.

In this video clip, Marc explains …



Saying Yes, Even When Signs Point to No

I won’t overwrite to this video clip. Watch it to hear the story of one of Marc’s first companies – the challenges he overcame and the joy he brought to the work and to his customers.



This post is based on an episode of The Customer Experience podcast with Marc Rodan.

Learn more about him and his work at his website, at Ninjafy, or at Rodan Creative.


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