The Magic of Creating Memories at Specific Moments

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How can I be helpful to someone? How can I turn negative situations into positive ones? How can I make someone look good to the other people in their life? And how can I make people feel like the experience is just for them?

You’d think these questions pertain to customer experience — and they do — but they originated from a “magic moments” mindset. As in, actual magic. By a magician.

Magic isn’t primarily about playing cards, metal rings, or smoke puffs. It’s about bringing joy to others and creating an experience that will inspire people to carry their joy out into the world.

And a magician knows to be fully present with the audience in order to seize the opportunity to connect. While they’re watching the performace, you’re watching them – looking for opportunities to make memorable moments.

Today’s guest on The Customer Experience Podcast, Jeff Kaylor, wants to bring a sense of wonder back into people’s experiences.

Jeff, a keynote speaker for Fortune 500 companies at and co-founder of The Magic Estate, explains how customer experience is like the experience of an audience in a magic show.

In our conversation, we discuss…

How to create wonder
How to plan a customer experience by anticipating memories (at a car dealership)
What makes for an unforgettable magician (and CX practitioner)
What the “magic moments” mindset entails
Why personal video is a better way to connect with people
Bonus: Why a 10-year-old Jeff knew he wanted to become a magician by blowing up his sock drawer



The Magic of Creating Memories at Specific Moments

Listen to the entire conversation with magician Jeff Kaylor right here:

Listen to “106. The Magic of Creating Memories at Specific Moments w/ Jeff Kaylor” on Spreaker.


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Video Highlights: The Magic of Creating Memories at Specific Moments

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Jeff Kaylor at Magic Estate below…


1. What is Customer Experience?



2. Watch The Audience and Always Be Present



3. A Process for Creating Memories at Specific Moments



4. A Simple Thing (and a Fake Shrimp)



5. Why Personal Video for CX?



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