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Free Video Email for Teachers

When you can't be there in person, now you can provide the feedback and guidance your students deserve with free video email from BombBomb.

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Struggling to communicate assignments, lessons, and feedback with plain text email?

You're not alone.

Remote teaching brings new challenges, and communicating effectively is right there at the top.

Your students deserve to hear from YOU, not your keyboard.

As a teacher, you're at your best when you can communicate face-to-face. Yet now, more and more teachers are forced to teach remotely. Video conferencing is great - but what about those times when you can't communicate live?

Now you don't have to rely on plain text email. Use BombBomb to send pre-recorded video emails to students and parents through our simple, easy-to-use software.

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Not a teacher? Check out BombBomb for business users.

Sending Video Emails to Students and Parents is Easy


Sign up in Minutes

No software to install. Add BombBomb to Chrome or use our web based app.


Record a Video

Simply hit ‘Record’, and you'll create your first video email in no time.


Send to Anyone

Send video email to a single student, a group, or an entire class.

Add video to email without changing the way you work.

Whatever tool you use to send email, BombBomb makes it easy to add video.

Use Gmail?

  • BombBomb integrates directly with your Gmail Inbox.

  • Just click 'Record' when you're writing an email, and BombBomb handles the rest.

  • No software to install, get started in minutes.

Use Another Email Provider?

  • The BombBomb video email web app connects with your existing email account.

  • Upload your contact list for easy sending to individual students, parents, or an entire class.

  • Works with any web browser including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Use Google Chrome?

  • The BombBomb Chrome Extension lets you create and share videos anywhere.

  • Record a new video with just two clicks.

  • Create a sharable link to your video that you can paste anywhere, like text messages, email, message boards, or student portals.

Bonus: BombBomb Screen Recorder Makes Communication Even Easier

Whether you're delivering a pre-recorded lesson plan or providing feedback on an assignment, the BombBomb screen recorder lets you share yourself AND your screen in one simple tool.

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Remote Teaching Shouldn't Make Your Day Harder

What if you could communicate at your best - even when you can't be with students in person?

What if you didn't have to rely on your keyboard when video classroom hours are over?

What if your students always got the feedback they deserved?

What if you could save hours each week by no longer having to type every email?

BombBomb delivers all of this, and we're proud to offer it to each and every teacher out there - completely free.

PLUS: BombBomb is the only company to offer free daily training sessions to help teachers make the most of video email. We'll show you how to get started and how teachers just like you use BombBomb to make life easier when teaching remote.