7 Specific Video Ideas to Rehumanize the Mortgage Experience

Last Updated January 26th, 2022

The Broker’s and Lender’s Quick Guide to Video Messages

For better and for worse, the mortgage experience has become increasingly digital. Digital transformation increases speed and efficiency, but it reduces human-to-human interaction between all the people involved. Especially as the market shifts from refis to purchases, your ability to add a personal, human touch in the right moments helps drive relationships and revenue now and over the long term.

Right here in this post, learn 7 specific moments to add video messages to the mortgage experience. You need not use video all the time, but it belongs in the mix with your emails, texts, social messages, phone calls, video calls, and in-person meetings.

1. Lead Introduction
2. Meeting Confirmation
3. Loan Approved
4. Onboarding/ Orientation
5. Clear to Close/ Loan Closing
6. Purchase or Refinance Anniversary
7. Happy Birthday

These videos will save you time and improve your customer experience. These videos will help you close more loans by increasing pull through from lead to loan and by generating more repeat and referral business.

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More Meaningful, Memorable, and Motivating

Staying top of mind isn’t about checking a box. It’s about connecting with new leads, current and past customers, real estate agents, and others in your referral network in meaningful ways.

When you connect visually and emotionally, you’re more memorable and more motivating to others.

Why? Because most of our decisions are made subconsciously based on images and emotions. In fact, the words “emotion” and “motivation” share the same Latin root – movere (more on that in Chapter 4 of our Wall Street Journal bestseller Human-Centered Communication).

BombBomb gives you a tool and system to reach out, differentiate yourself, be of service and value, stay top of mind, and motivate people to act … an easy way to send a video message in place of what would otherwise be faceless, typed-out, and bot-like text.


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7 Mortgage Moments That Matter

There are so many moments in the lending process that drive today’s outcomes and tomorrow’s opportunities. Right now, you may or may not be consistently taking advantage of them. If you are, you may be relying on faceless, digital communication that isn’t as meaningful, memorable, or motivating as a simple webcam video recording.

Here are 7 specific video messages you can record once and use over and over again as the moment arises. Pick one or two, record them, and send them as part of your checklist. Later, add one or two more. And find moments of your own.

These are not ranked. Instead, they’re sequential from the start of a new relationship.

Start with the one or two you think would be most helpful for you and your business. Once you’ve got one or two added to your process, add one or two more. Over time, you’ll be saving time and making a bigger impact on your business – by making a bigger impact on other people.

1. New Lead Introduction

  • Thank the person for reaching out
  • Introduce yourself by name, company name, and tagline or motto
  • Share your unique selling proposition, point of differentiation, or a few words on your experience, specialty, or expertise
  • Mention the contact information available down below in the email
  • Make a call to action for the next step they should take (reply, call, schedule, other)
  • Thank them again

Pro Tip: Make a separate video for each of your top three or four lead sources so you can thank them more specifically for where or how they reached out.

Pro Tip: Keep this video – and the others below – under one minute. The exception might be #4.


2. Meeting Confirmation

  • Thank the person for scheduling a meeting, call, or appointment with you.
  • Reiterate the purpose of the meeting and how it’s going to help that person.
  • Let them know you’re already preparing and that you’re looking forward to it.
  • Mention that the exact day, time, and location are included down below in the body of the email (be sure to type in the updates to those details for each send).

Pro Tip: Provide a link to a guide or resource that helps prepare them or that helps pre-sell you as their preferred expert and guide through the mortgage process.

Pro Tip: If you tend to schedule two or three different types of meetings or calls, record a separate one for each.


3. Loan Approved

  • Share the news … but do so in a richer and more human way.
  • Congratulate and thank the customer.
  • Make yourself available for questions by way of reply.

Pro Tip: Perfection isn’t the goal. In fact, your imperfection is what makes this simple, casual, and conversational style of video so effective.


4. Onboarding / Orientation

  • What does the process look like from here?
  • Who else is involved that the customer should meet?
  • What are some milestones between approval and closing?
  • What do the next couple of steps look like and how should they be preparing?
  • Who from your team have they not yet met but who will help them along the way?
  • Provide some guidance and insight to help manage expectations and improve the experience.

Pro Tip: Involve others on your team to the degree they’ll be involved in the process. Customers will feel more connected, have a face to go along with the name, and feel more confident for the support and availability of others.


5. Clear to Close / Loan Closing

  • Celebrate the milestone.
  • Make it more meaningful and memorable by communicating the emotions, not just the facts.
  • Consider including other team members in this video.
  • Express your sincere appreciation for their choice of and trust in you.

Pro Tip: Video is not about you. It’s about how you make other people feel.


6. Purchase or Refinance Anniversary

  • Staying top of mind requires reaching out in timely and relevant ways.
  • Doing so in a video message helps make it stick.
  • “Can you believe it’s already been 3 months?” or “just 6 months ago today …” or “today’s your one-year anniversary!” all capitalize on this opportunity.


7. Happy Birthday

  • If it’s not in your CRM, it’s right there in Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • A video message stands out from all the other faceless or even automated birthday wishes.
  • Send it to customers, referral partners, team members, or anyone else.

Pro Tip: Recording a video message for someone who’s not there – and that you’ll send to a variety of people – might feel awkward. Think of one person and record this message – and the others – with them in mind.



Managing Effectiveness and Efficiency

These are just seven of nearly countless opportunities to rehumanize the mortgage experience with video messages.

Likewise, every transaction is different. The same video might not work in every process; consider recording a unique video for that moment if it’s a unique situation.

Evergreen Videos: Each video can be recorded once and used over and over again when that moment arrives; this is highly efficient. You don’t say their name or describe any specific details – it’s for everyone who schedules a meeting, gets approved, or has a birthday, for example. Just add sending it to your checklist or process.

Personal Videos: Each video can also be recorded as a truly unique video for each person and each moment as it arises; this is even more effective. Here, you include their name, details specific to them, and context unique to their situation. Add recording and sending to your checklist or process.

If you’re preparing to send an evergreen video but it doesn’t seem to fit because they’re a high-value customer, a highly preferred referral partner, or a very unique transaction, record and send a personal video. You may use the evergreen in 85% or 90% of cases, but record a personal one in its place from time to time.

Our goal here is just to get you started with some use case ideas and general outlines for the videos.

Know that any email, text message, or social media message you’re sending can include a video.

Know that many meetings, phone calls, or video calls you’re struggling to schedule can be supported or even replaced by a video message.

Know that your relationship- and referral-based business will benefit tremendously by mixing some video messages in with the rest of your communication to rehumanize the mortgage experience.

Just as you’re a trusted advisor and partner in the lives and businesses of those around you, BombBomb is your trusted advisor and partner to help you with building relationships through clearer communication, human connection, and higher conversion.

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