Unlocking the Potential of the BombBomb Salesforce Integration for Your Team

You rely on Salesforce each and every day for your business operations. You count on it to communicate with every prospect, every lead, and every customer. But what if we told you there was a way to enhance your team’s Salesforce outreach to engage more prospects, win more deals, and keep more customers for the long haul? This is where the BombBomb Salesforce integration comes into play.

There’s power in face-to-face communication. It’s more effective and impactful than plain text. Video delivers this in a scalable way. And with this integration, BombBomb will work right within Salesforce Lightning to record, upload, send, and track videos all within the same place you already work and communicate with prospects and customers.

Here’s how…

Tracking with the BombBomb Salesforce Integration Dashboard

SF Dashboard 3 e1617661917887 | BombBomb

Ready to see how using video alongside Salesforce impacts your day-to-day interactions — and, in turn, your pipeline? With the integration, a customizable BombBomb events dashboard populates directly within Salesforce. The dashboard helps you…

Track BombBomb-related events

Every video play, email open, or link click is tracked in one comprehensive dashboard via the BombBomb Salesforce integration.

This allows you to easily attribute the BombBomb-related events to individual contacts, leads, and users within the platform. You’ll know who exactly is interacting with your team’s videos and how they are doing so. And you’ll see which team members are responsible for these events. This will give you the insights you need to measure exactly how video is impacting the success of your team’s business interactions.

See how BombBomb events relate to closed-won opportunities

Want to know if a BombBomb video was directly involved in a close-won opportunity in Salesforce? The dashboard covers this, too. It identifies exactly which BombBomb-related events — like video plays — played a role in closing the deal. You’ll know how much revenue in the closed-won pipeline is related to video activity.

Ultimately, this gives you real-time ROI of video in Salesforce in the form of attributable data that defines the impact video is having on your pipeline.

View open pipeline with video-related activity

You can also see how video is affecting your open pipeline. So, you can analyze your growth opportunities in relation to the BombBomb-related events impacting them — adding to the ROI you’re receiving from the BombBomb Salesforce integration.

Using the BombBomb Salesforce Integration at the Contact Level

BombBomb works right within Salesforce to reach a contact or lead all in one place by…

Working within your email sender in Salesforce

Your team is able to seamlessly record and upload videos to send directly in the Salesforce email sender. You can also add branded templates in line with your company’s branding that our team works with you to create. When everything is set with the email, a preview option is available to see how the finished product will look before sending.

salesforce contaact level | BombBomb

No switching back and forth between apps. The BombBomb Salesforce integration lets your team add video messaging inside Salesforce with just a few clicks.

Sending videos right through Salesforce

With the integration, your team can send videos to leads and contacts right inside of Salesforce with your signature line — as if it was in Outlook, Gmail, or your email service provider.

This means all daily sending functions are kept within Salesforce — facilitating the dashboard tracking and attributions. Save your team time by having them work from one centralized tool, and add to the data that will give you the video ROI insights you are looking for.

Using the BombBomb Salesforce Integration at the Account and Opportunity Level

Once contacts have been established within Salesforce, you can move on to using BombBomb within Salesforce at the account and opportunity level. This enables your team to bring video to all their account-level and opportunity-level sending within the platform. The integration allows you to…

Send video to specific account and opportunity contacts

Your team can go into an account or opportunity and choose all the contacts from a specific account or opportunity that they want to send a video to. That way, they can create and send video messages to specific audiences within an account and opportunity that are tailored to the same purpose. And each video will be sent and tracked individually in the dashboard for each recipient.

salesforce account level e1617662124779 | BombBomb

So it’s easy to send strategically to groups of decision-makers within specific companies that your team is connecting with. This all works into the dashboard, so you can see specifically what each of your team members has been working on. You can see what types of emails they are sending in one place — allowing you to collaborate easily with other departments who are assisting with specific account-based and opportunity-based deals.

Bonus: Using BombBomb Within Your Salesforce Process Builder

Want to build video right into your Salesforce processes? The BombBomb Salesforce integration allows you to seamlessly build specific video templates into your process. For example, if a lead signs up to receive a white paper, they’ll be able to receive a personalized video.

Each video template can be fully customized to fit your company’s needs. This instantly adds a personal touch to your automated messaging — saving your company time while still standing out with incoming leads in the process.

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