Aligning Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success Under a CRO

Last Updated March 3rd, 2022

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The trend toward aligning sales, marketing, and customer success and rolling it up under a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) is well underway. But who’s best to take on this role? And what steps can a CRO take to assure that alignment is achieved?

Under the leadership of someone authentic, genuine, and empathetic, an organization can take the right steps and achieve cohesion with seemingly separate teams and silos working together with fewer or fainter borders. This creates a free-to-scale environment and a unified customer experience that can then look at their customer base and segment resources where it makes the most sense.

Today’s guest is Sterling Snow. Sterling is the Chief Revenue Officer at Divvy. Divvy is a secure financial platform for businesses that manages payments, subscriptions, and strategic budgets – and helps eliminate expense reports.

Sterling feels strongly that when internal alignment hasn’t been achieved, companies risk a disjointed customer experience that could damage the brand and the entire customer relationship.

Before his role at Divvy, Sterling held titles such as Senior VP of Revenue, Vice President of Marketing, Marketing and Sales Director, and even Director of Sales and Marketing, so his sales and marketing alignment muscle was strong on the way into Divvy.

Today, Sterling talks about capturing real-time data from sales and product support so that teams can serve prospects and customers in the most effective way. He also shares that the best way to start changing your organization is to lead the conversation towards unity. Sterling also explains that unity will better equip you to provide that remarkable and impactful customer experience. Bonus: it’ll also help you handle larger numbers of diverse customers through the right delegation and segmentation.

Sterling also shares insights one:

Who is responsible for the rise of the customer experience
Why understanding Divvy’s ideal customer solves various problems
How to segment resources to support customers of differing sizes and needs
What internal communication is needed to create alignment
How a feedback loop brings sales and marketing together



Aligning Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success Under a CRO

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Listen to “188. Aligning Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success Under a CRO w/ Sterling Snow” on Spreaker.





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Video Highlights: Aligning Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success Under a CRO

Check out the top five video highlights from the discussion with Sterling Snow


1. Customer Experience is All-Encompassing



2. Customer Segmentation for Better Customer Experience



3. Improving Demand Generation Through Teamwork



4. Meetings, Quotas, and Team Alignment Under a CRO



5. Characteristics of a Good CRO


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