Video CTAs Your Audience Can’t Help but Click

Last Updated October 23rd, 2020

Everyone has sent an email that they thought had clear direction only to find out that the person on the other end wasn’t sure what they should do next. In fact, how often has that person on the other end never replied at all?

But what if you could highlight the one thing you need your recipient to do and make it easy for them to follow through on? With that, you’d likely have more replies and more success with things like scheduling meetings, adding new people to your mailing list, or even getting back those time-sensitive documents… on-time.

Check out the video below for a quick look at how BombBomb can help you provide clarity in your videos for that, “What’s the next step?” question with our Video Call-to-Action feature as explained by BombBomb Co-Founder, Darin Dawson.

After you’ve watched the video — continue reading for a more detailed look at how to build a Video CTA in BombBomb, as well as for some best practice methods and examples to help you succeed!

What is a Call-to-Action?

To dig in a little deeper, as you just watched, a CTA is a call-to-action. This call-to-action tells the person on the receiving end of your message exactly what to do next and how to do it.

Isn’t it slightly condescending to assume people don’t know what to do to follow up? No, because as it stands in 2020, we’re all on information overload. According to TechJury, the average office worker receives 120 emails per day. That’s so much information to absorb! No one wants to (or has time to) be confused by unclear communication.

A call-to-action helps to remove that confusion. BombBomb National Speaker, Alicia Berruti, has sent over 7,000 videos and says, “People want to know what you want them to do!” So it isn’t patronizing to make things easier on our fellow humans, it’s helpful.

So, how can you help people viewing your video and make it easy for them to respond? Use the video and call-to-action together to motivate them to click that CTA and schedule a call or meeting, read your most recent post, or do something like sign up for a webinar.

We know that so much more than just an email — video showcases emotion and personality that helps demonstrate, this is why you should do this! Use video and a visible call-to-action to engage your viewer on multiple levels.

“It’s actually the case that we absorb information better if it’s presented to us in ways that engage multiple senses rather than leaning on our preferred one.”
– Dr. Paul Howard Jones, Specialist in Neuroscience and Education at Bristol University

Now that you know why you need a CTA, let’s talk tech and how to build one.

Our Video CTA feature is available on both the BombBomb Chrome Extension, as well as the desktop application. It’s also available on the Android mobile app as well, with the iOS option coming soon.

Let’s get started!

How to Use BombBomb Video CTAs

1. Get Google Chrome

Make sure you have Google Chrome available on your computer. If you don’t have it yet – you can get it here!

2. Download the BombBomb Google Chrome Extension

Use Google Chrome to access the Chrome Web Store, and search for “BombBomb.” Click “Add to Chrome” to instantly get the BombBomb Chrome Extension. Once downloaded – you’ll see the BombBomb icon at the top of your screen next to your address bar in Google Chrome. If you’re looking to save time, you can also get the BombBomb Google Chrome Extension by clicking here.

3. Log into your BombBomb Account

Open your BombBomb Chrome Extension by clicking on the icon at the top right of your browser, it will already be next to your Google Chrome address bar. Then, enter your BombBomb email and password to get started.

4. Launch the BombBomb Video Recorder

After you’ve logged in, click the BombBomb icon again. A “Record” screen will automatically appear – select the recording option you’ll be using, “Camera Only” or “Screen Recorder,” then select “Launch Recorder” and take it away! If you’re unsure how to use these features, this is a great resource.

5. Record a Video

After you’ve pressed record, the screen will display a countdown to get you started. Don’t forget to use the video to get your viewer excited about what happens in your CTA! If you don’t feel quite camera-ready – here are some great ways to get comfortable on screen.

6. Create a CTA

Once you’ve opted to stop recording, a new screen will appear with options to add a “Video Title,” “Banner Title,” and “Banner Link.” While it’s not part of your CTA, a video title will help you keep track of and share your videos, so be sure to add one.

The “Banner Title” and “Banner Link” are your CTA features. Create a banner title such as “Schedule Some Time to Connect” or “Give Monthly to Change a Life.” This is your call-to-action.

7. Add a Link

In the “Banner Link” space, add the link you wish to include that completes that CTA, such as access to your calendar or link to your non-profit donation page. If you’re not sure what link you want to use, this video has some great ideas to get you started…


Remember to copy and paste your link directly from the source to avoid any mistakes and don’t forget to press, “Save CTA” when you’re finished!

8. Send or Share Your New Video

After you’ve saved your video, a window with a preview will appear along with the send and share options: “Copy for Email,” “Copy Link,” and “Send with BombBomb Template.” Select the option you’re using and send your video!

Also, if you’re looking to add a CTA to a video you’ve already saved, one can only be added to pre-recorded videos on Android phones. This feature should be available on other platforms soon.

So now that you understand the purpose of a CTA and the “how-to”– let’s talk about the best practices for creating a great call-to-action!

Video CTA Best Practices

Start with an Action Verb

Click, find, fill, shop, or download are just a few examples of great action verbs to start your CTA. Without an action verb, there’s no direction to follow — so always start with an action your viewer can complete.

Evoke Emotion

People respond to videos that make them feel something. Have fun with stirring up feelings in your viewer! Be yourself in front of the camera. Kevin Andrews, BombBomb’s Client Enablement Manager, has created and sent almost 8,000 videos. He says, “Don’t let perfection get in the way of the good!” No one wants to see a perfect video – seeing your human side will help stir up that emotional response from your viewer.

Focus on the Viewer

What’s in it for them? People recognize when they’re the focus of a message. If your viewer is able to see right off the bat that they get value from doing something, they’re much more likely to do it.

Be Mindful

How are you sending your video? Something you’re sending over Facebook is probably different than something you’re sending to a corporate email address. When recording your video and creating your CTA, remember where your viewer is opening your message.

Create Urgency

Finally, often we send videos when we want something done and we want it done quickly. Make sure that a sense of urgency is felt in your CTA and your video. You can’t expect someone to reply in a specific timeframe if you’ve never made that clear.

A good way to create a feeling of urgency is to articulate your call to action at both the beginning and end of your video. By combining this method with the CTA banner you’re ensuring your viewer can feel that “Wow! This is important!”

Need Additional Video CTA Guidance?

Below are a few more examples of CTAs and what you can use them for. So take it away and don’t be afraid to make them your own!

1. “Join the Team” – Recruiting
2. “Give Monthly” – Non-Profit
3. “Learn More” – Sales Demo
4. “Shop Now” – Salespeople/Shop Owners
5. “Sign Up Now” – Building a Mailing List
6. “Get the Details” – Home Listing
7. “Schedule Time Here” – Calendar Link

For more resources on Video CTAs, we’ve included some links to help you along the way:

Adding a Video CTA to a BombBomb Video 
Adding a Video CTA Within the BombBomb Android Mobile App

And if you want to learn more about Video CTAs Your Audience Can’t Help but Click, we’ve embedded a full webinar below…

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