6 Videos from 4Ds: Inside the Vaynermedia Daily Digital Deep Dive

Why the Vaynermedia Daily Digital Deep Dive? Here at BombBomb, we’re always working and investing in ourselves, our company, and our product for the benefit of our customers.

What’s the 4Ds experience? It’s an immersive, 10-hour run through the operations at Vaynermedia, a leading digital marketing and social media agency led by CEO Gary Vaynerchuk.

I joined Steve, our CMO, and Jason, our VP of Content Strategy, on a trip to Manhattan to see just how much we could bring back to the BombBomb team.

Here in this post, take in a handful of valuable nuggets on competing in the marketplace, content marketing, the value of attention, jobs versus automation and machine learning, beating the Facebook algorithm, and more! We even went in with a question from one of our Instagram followers; we’ve got that answer for you here, too.

NOTE: These videos contain occasional use of language that might offend some viewers.


Highlights: BombBomb at the Vaynermedia Daily Digital Deep Dive

Before diving into the six video clips with interesting and valuable insights, take the trip with us from Denver, to Philadelphia, to Manhattan, and back. Meet some of the leaders at Vaynermedia and hear a few one-liners from Gary that aren’t in the other clips.

Learn why we went, go inside the 4Ds experience, and get our initial takeaways and impressions. Click to play our highlights video from the 4Ds experience above!


4Ds Video 1: Humans, Machines, and Jobs

Quick take: History tells you the future.
Clip length: 41 seconds

While some people drum up fear about artificial intelligence and machine learning taking humans’ jobs, Gary sees new jobs created by one of our fellow Daily Digital Deep Dive attendees as an easy and obvious sign of economic and employment potentials.


4Ds Video 2: The Price of Attention

Quick take: Human attention will never be this cheap.
Clip length: 33 seconds

“You should have bought it all.” Gary uses the island of Manhattan hundreds of years ago to represent the land grab available with human attention today.


4Ds Video 3: Competition and Google’s Balloon in Space

Quick take: What competitors are doing doesn’t matter.
Clip length: 1 minute, 16 seconds

“The second I’ve let them in is the second I’ve lost the leverage.” Gary explains how little attention he pays competitors and illustrates with a fun Google/Facebook story about the cost of letting outside forces influence your strategy and decision making.


REMINDER: These videos contain occasional use of language that might offend some viewers.


4Ds Video 4: Your Content, Your Opinion, and Your Customers

Quick take: Gary answers a BombBomb customer question about timing a shift in your content strategy.
Clip length: 2:06

In Crush It!, Gary says the market will tell you which content is working. So, how long do you continue to put out what you think is working and when do you shift to what the market is telling you? “I only trade on things that are tangible and punt on everything that’s subjective.”


4Ds Video 5: Beating the Facebook Algorithm

Quick take: Molly and Nick talk social media optimization.
Clip length: 2:49

The balance of playing to Facebook’s algorithm to optimize your posts’ reach and simply getting good content out there can be challenging to manage. Nick and Molly take on Jason’s question with specific examples of what Gary Vaynerchuk and Vaynermedia do for best results, including leveraging video and paid media. “It’s a lot of noticing what’s overperforming and identifying trends.”


4Ds Video 6: Team Gary Vee

Quick take: Andy gives insight into how they break down content and keep a consistent voice.
Clip length: 1:48

Andy runs Gary Vaynerchuk’s 26-member content team. Here, he talks about breaking down a 2 hour keynote speech into 20 or 30 unique pieces of content. Even if you don’t have such a substantial piece to break down, you’ll get useful ideas about getting more from less and keeping a consistent voice across multiple pieces and multiple people.


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Tips for the Vaynermedia Daily Digital Deep Dive

We’ve been asked several times by a variety of people in a variety of businesses whether or not the Vaynermedia Daily Digital Deep Dive is worth the investment.

I can’t answer that for you, but I’ll share a few ideas and tips that might help.

They limit each event to 12 participants, so it’s intimate yet diverse. We shared our experience with people running a high-end dog training business, crepe shops, a digital ad agency, a personal branding consultancy, a global platform empowering female entrepreneurs, and a themed cruise producer. A handful of BombBomb’s real estate customers have been, too.

You get presentations on talent and HR, digital platforms, paid media, influencer marketing, the balance of creative and strategy, and more. The highlight for most is the hour or two Gary Vaynerchuk spends getting to know the people and their businesses and providing personalized insights into their challenges and opportunities.

Afterward, you’re welcomed into a private Facebook group and get regular updates on the state of digital affairs from the Vaynermedia team.

Tips for a great 4Ds experience:

  • Come with one or two key questions to frame your experience
  • Ask lots of questions during the presentations to customize your experience
  • Get there in time to have dinner and drinks with all the participants the night before
  • Get there early the morning of to choose your preferred seat at the table
  • Be prepared to record some of your experience – it’s valuable to look back at it
  • Connect with your fellow 4Ds attendees
  • Walk or run The Highline while you’re in the neighborhood

Learn more about the program by clicking here.


Photos from the Vaynermedia Daily Digital Deep Dive

Photos from Gary’s Team

Gary Vaynerchuk, Daily Digital Deep Dive, 4Ds, Vaynermedia

Daily Digital Deep Dive, 4Ds, Vaynermedia, conference roomDaily Digital Deep Dive, BombBomb, Vaynermedia, 4Ds, Steve Pacinelli

Vaynermedia Daily Digital Deep Dive


Photos from BombBomb

Gary Vaynerchuk, 4Ds, Daily Digital Deep Dive, Vaynermedia

office tour, Vaynermedia office, Daily Digital Deep Dive

office view, Hudson Yards, Vaynermedia office, Daily Digital Deep Dive


Still Frames from Videos

Vaynermedia Daily Digital Deep Dive, Gary Vaynerchuk, Steve Pacinelli BombBomb

Vaynermedia Daily Digital Deep Dive, laughter, smiles

Vaynermedia Daily Digital Deep Dive, Manhattan, sunset

And with that sunset shot from the highlights video embedded at the top of this post, our in-person Vaynermedia Daily Digital Deep Dive experience concluded. It continues online.

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