Why Your ABM Strategy Must Include Personal Video (Plus 4 Easy Ways to Pull it Off!)

Last Updated March 9th, 2020

Personalization is a key aspect of any ABM strategy.

According to Terminus, personalization inside of your ABM tactics has an even deeper meaning.

“Personalization in ABM requires you to consider the real person at your account, finding them on social, researching their background, understanding what their company does, what their role is, what their struggles and goals are, and what it would take to get them promoted.”

Through video, you can deliver personalized messages as though you were there in person, with feelings of empathy, kindness, and relatability. And when coupled with additional ABM strategies, you can simultaneously create an incredible customer experience that turns prospects into buyers, and buyers into brand advocates.

In the post below, we’re going to explain four videos that you can easily create today to enhance your ABM strategy.

Four Ways to Use Video to Enhance your ABM Strategy

Using video in ABM Strategy

1. Send a Personal Video to Help Put a Face to a Name

Your marketing team incorporates personalization aspects inside their website experience, advertisements, and email campaigns. Meanwhile, as a sales representative, you’ll also want to provide a tailored experience in your sales outreach emails.

But currently, the inbox of a decision-maker is flooded with emails. Even when you are incorporating personalization aspects like first names, and custom links, it’s just not enough. Because of this, it can be nearly impossible to create an authentic connection through just plain text.

This is where video email can help you shine. With video email, you will be able to deliver your message with empathy, personality, and trust. This will allow you to break down barriers, and stand out.

A great first video email to send is a simple introduction video. In the video below, Devon, one of our Senior BDRs, uses a whiteboard with her prospect’s name on it to get their attention. She also introduces herself, briefly explains what problem BombBomb can solve for them, and finishes with a soft call-to-action. Check out her warm and personalized initial outreach video below.


2. Use a Screen Recording to Highlight a Prospect’s Website or LinkedIn Profile

One way to get your prospect’s attention while prospecting is by using a product that will allow you to record yourself and your screen at the same time.

Our Sales Development Representatives use screen recording to highlight their prospect’s website or social media profile. This makes their video previews much more interesting, and their prospects are more likely to play their video.

Moreover, while the goal of this strategy is to get attention, it’s important to still bring value and personalization inside the video itself. If there is something mentioned on their website, blog, or social media channels that you know your product can help with, speak to it! Check out Jon’s example of this tactic in the video below.


Bonus: BombBomb video email offers a feature that will allow you to record yourself and your screen at the same time.

3. Insert a Quick Product Demo Inside Your Sales Outreach Emails

This a great strategy for sales representatives in SaaS, especially if your software integrates within the products that your target accounts use. For example, Abby is one of our Enterprise BDRs at BombBomb. She’s reaching out to target accounts about the benefits of using video email to improve their outreach strategy.

In the video below, Abby uses a product that allows her to record herself and her screen at the same time to show one of her prospects the BombBomb integration within Salesforce. This video is effective because it shows how our product works inside a product that this account uses regularly. It also shows how and why the product could specifically benefit them.

These videos can also be repurposed in your digital advertising campaigns to help keep your experiences aligned and speed up your pipeline acceleration.


4. Combine Your Direct Mail and Email Efforts

Many skilled ABM teams have seen surprising success from direct mail campaigns. However, more success can be obtained by combining your direct mail and outreach video email efforts. For tier-three accounts, the direct mail components are sometimes more simple, and less personalized. But when reaching out to tier-one accounts, and sometimes even tier-two accounts, that’s when your sales and marketing teams can get really crafty.

For example, let’s say you’re reading a decision maker’s online bio. In that bio, they might mention that they absolutely love to play cribbage, and they’re from Duluth, Minnesota. It could be worth it for your marketing team to buy them a cribbage board in the shape of Lake Superior. Next, you would record a video holding the board and letting the prospect know that you were the one who sent it. Save the video and send it after it’s been delivered.

Now, imagine if you received something that personalized yourself. If you could see the person who sent it to you and feel their excitement, wouldn’t you want to respond? Better yet – wouldn’t you feel even more comfortable working with that person in the future?


Bonus Tip – Follow Up with More Qualified Leads with Video Analytics

A major aspect of ABM is aligning your sales and marketing teams. It allows these teams to really focus and work together on the accounts that matter most. And in many cases, that also means looking through engagement data and focusing on the accounts that are actually reacting to your company’s messaging.

With video tracking, ABM teams can now track video engagement. These metrics can even be integrated and tracked inside tools like Gmail, Salesforce, Outreach, and more. With that information,  you can better determine what people you should reach out to with videos similar to the ones mentioned in this post, and when it’s a good time to follow up.

Additional Sales Videos You Can Use Today

Using video alongside your ABM campaigns is extremely beneficial, but it’s not the only way you can use video in sales prospecting. Video can be incorporated into so many key points in your sales cycle. This includes helping you set and hold demos, create seamless transitions between your team members, foster deeper relationships on LinkedIn, and more.

If you’re interested in seeing all the ideal times you should send a video email to enhance your sales outreach efforts, check out our comprehensive guide to sales prospecting videos. It includes tons of high-quality examples from real sales professionals just like you who have found massive success through simple video.

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