Important Videos for Every Stage of the Sales Funnel

Last Updated July 11th, 2018

So you got the client. But how did you get the client?

During the BombCast with Melanie Galea, she talked on the importance of the “know, like, trust” principle. In Melanie’s words: “People need to trust you. That’s why they choose you. They choose you because they trust you. Before that, they have a connection with you. Before that, they like you. But before that they need to know who you are in order for any of those next steps to happen.”


BombCast: Videos in the Sales Funnel

This is a process that takes some time to plan out! Melanie uses a lot of video in her business. She uses video because it helps her to be known, it helps her connect with people, and it helps clients trust her. Overall, video can help the “know, like, trust” process move faster!

We put together a list of videos for every stage of this sales funnel – so you can start seeing some amazing results in your business.


Stage 1 KNOW

How are people going to get to know you? This is where social media videos come in! Social media videos are great because they can reach a large range of people. Rather than just connecting with people in your sphere, you can connect with a larger audience through things like Facebook Ads or Instagram Story Ads. Here are our suggestions for social media videos to help you be known throughout your community.

  • Facebook Listing Video Ads

Do you have a new listing ready to go? Create a video with you as the star. The production doesn’t matter as much as letting your personality shine! Post this video on Facebook and either boost it or create a Facebook ad with your listing video. We suggest targeting people in your area and in the same neighborhood as the home you’re selling. This will help you be known in your community.

Here are some ad tips to help you get started: The Best Facebook Ad Practices

  • Instagram Story Ad Videos

So many people are on Instagram. In fact, Instagram states that 200 million people use Stories every day. Take advantage of this platform and use it to reach people in your community. You’re able to target people in your town. We also suggest doing quick tips videos. Give your audience tips on home improvement or tips on buying a home. Just remember – you only have 15 seconds to provide good value!


Stage 2 LIKE

This is the phase where Melanie says people need to make a connection with you. First of all, you need to remember that you might not connect with everyone and everyone might not like you. But those who do, will be likely to do business with you. In order to make a connection with potential clients, we suggest reaching out with one-to-one video. This will set you up to build trust in the next phase of your process.

  • One-to-One Video Through Social Messages

Whether you use Facebook Messenger for this or LinkedIn messages, we suggest shooting a selfie video using BombBomb. From there, you can easily take the video link and send it in a message to potential clients. Did someone comment on one of your ad videos? Reach out to them on the channel they commented. By reaching out personally, people will connect with you and decide if they like you.

  • Community Videos

Community videos are great because they can cover basically every step of this process. You should do ads around your community videos to help them reach more people in your community. You can show who you are and what you support in the videos which will help people like and connect with you. You are also showing that you are a community expert – so people will likely trust you and your expertise! Over-all though, these can really help people begin to connect with you as they see you in their community.

BombBomb Video


Stage 3 TRUST

Trust is so so important. This is where you either land the sale or lose a potential client. And continuing trust should remain well after someone chooses to work with you. You have to continue to build trust through the whole process. At the end, if the customer really trusted you, they will be FAR more likely to refer you or use your services again.

  • One-to-One Video Emails

You’ve already sent a video through social, but now it’s time to send more personalized videos through email or text message. This is where you can really build up trust with a customer or prospect. The key is to send nurturing video emails that show you care. BombBomb is designed to help you do just that. You can easily send one-to-one video emails to your clients.

Check out this blog post with great scripts to help you get started with your one-to-one BombBomb videos – 3 Follow-Up Scripts to Help You Secure Hot Leads

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