How to Send Video in LinkedIn Messages – 3 Simple Steps

Last Updated July 16th, 2019

According to LinkedIn, InMail messages get a 10-25% response rate, much higher than emails. The two main factors behind this increased response rate include:

  1. People go to LinkedIn to connect and learn. LinkedIn shows you when your contacts are live on the site, so you can hit them a message at a time when they’re thinking about business/career goals and how they might achieve them.
  2. Your professional profile is attached to your message. With a single click, your prospects can learn more about you, your company, your experience and expertise, and your connections without leaving the platform. They can quickly qualify you and your message, respond, and get back to what they were doing on LinkedIn.

Although these benefits are very real, the massive influx in sales practitioners leveraging “social selling” has resulted in your decision makers’ LinkedIn inboxes becoming nearly as saturated as their email inboxes. You must differentiate yourself and your messages from the crowd if you want to capitalize on the benefits of LinkedIn and earn time with your hard-to-reach prospects.

The best way to win the LinkedIn inbox (and prospecting in general!) is by making your messages as engaging and impactful as in-person interactions.

BombBomb helps make this possible by making it simple to record, embed, and send personal videos through LinkedIn InMail.

There’s no better way to be seen, heard, and understood than these face-to-face messages. More importantly, there’s no way to make people feel that they’ve been seen, heard, and understood than with this approach.

Communication, connection, and conversion are all improved when we make our digital touches more human.


Engage Prospects More Effectively – Send Video in LinkedIn

Someone using the BombBomb Video Chrome Extension to record a video

With BombBomb Video, you can quickly and easily record yourself, your screen, or a combination of both, and embed those videos into your LinkedIn messages to humanize your message and scale your best sales asset: YOU!

Your face, voice, personality, expertise, enthusiasm, and all those other uniquely human and subconsciously processed social cues are delivered far better in a simple video than through the plain, typed-out text you’d otherwise rely on.


Record or Select a Video for your LinkedIn Message

Once you’ve downloaded the BombBomb Video Chrome Extension, pressing the BombBomb logo in your extension toolbar will immediately activate the BombBomb Video recorder without leaving LinkedIn.

Within BombBomb Recorder you can:

  • Record a webcam and/or screen capture video
  • Choose a video from your library
  • Edit your camera/mic settings

BombBomb’s proprietary video tech uploads your video while you’re recording it. No waiting around for your video to be ready to send.

In fact, you’ll actually save time compared to typing your message out because you talk 4x faster and more effectively than you type!


Customize Your Video Thumbnail

Once you hit stop on your video, you’ll be given the options to save, re-record, or customize your video thumbnail. By default, LinkedIn will select a random frame from your video to save as your BombBomb Video thumbnail, so customizing your thumbnail can help to provide context for your video and drive engagement.

We recommend using a whiteboard, sticky note, iPad, or another writing surface with your prospect’s name written out to help show that the video was created just for them.

A recorded BombBomb Video ready to receive a custom thumbnail before saving

To apply a custom, still-image thumbnail to your video, you can capture a new thumbnail with your webcam using the “Thumbnail” button. Hovering over the button will activate your webcam and clicking “Thumbnail” will instantly capture and save a new image. This can be done unlimited times until you’re happy.

Whenever you’re ready, click “Save.”


Copy and Paste Your Video

Once you’ve customized your thumbnail and saved your video, it’s time to paste your video into your LinkedIn message. In order to do this properly, you’ll want to use the “Copy URL” option.

A BombBomb Video embedded in a LinkedIn message thread

LinkedIn InMail shows link previews to your message recipient, so when you paste the URL into the message and send, your link will “unfurl” and your BombBomb video thumbnail will appear as a clickable button alongside any accompanying text you provide within the message.

Upon clicking on your video, your prospect will be redirected to your BombBomb Video page. Our pages are solely designed to deliver your unique message to a captive audience. There are no ads, no distracting exit links or images, no suggested videos, just you and your message.

Building relationships on the world’s largest professional network has never been easier.


Humanize your LinkedIn Messages

If you’re ready to go from a faceless blurb of text that goes ignored to a real person who stands out in the LinkedIn inbox, then request a demo of BombBomb Video today and start getting face to face at scale with the people that matter most to your business.



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