3 Follow-Up Scripts to Help You Secure Hot Leads

Last Updated June 4th, 2018

During the BombCast with marketing professional Javed Khan, he gave us three steps and follow-up script ideas to have better appointments and secure hot leads. These scripts are best used through video! Video helps humanize your emails or text messages. It allows people to see your face before actually meeting you. It also helps you show credibility, and build report after meeting you which in turn creates better relationships with clients and prospects.

1 Send a video once you’ve confirmed a meeting

Now that you’ve confirmed a meeting with a prospect, create a video to send to the potential client before the meeting. What does this video look like? Javed says this is basically a confirmation video. It can be as simple as a selfie video in your car of you saying…

Script Ex.
“Hi Katie, this is Alexa! I hope your morning is going well and I’m looking forward to meeting you today at 1pm at Peak Coffee Shop. I’m hoping I can help you with everything you need today and I’ll see you soon!”

That’s all it takes! Just a simple hello and reminder. A video also helps them put a name to the face before meeting you. Javed says he often gets people saying “Wow – I loved that video!” when he finally gets the chance to meet them in person.

2 Send a follow up video after the meeting

Once you’ve met with the prospect, send them a follow up video an hour later. You want to thank the prospect/client for their time and willingness to meet with you. You could also include next step actions that you may have discussed in the meeting. It can look something like this…

Script Ex.
“Hey Katie! Thank you so much for giving me an hour of your time today. It was great to meet you in person and I enjoyed our talk regarding your home. I will get started on that paperwork we talked about and be in touch soon. Have a wonderful rest of your day.”

Though your client might not need a full recap of your meeting that happened just an hour ago, it’s good to let the client know that you paid attention during the meeting. It also shows you didn’t forget anything and you are on top of things!

3 Reach out with valuable content and a video

A week or so later, start sending valuable content to the prospect. Say you’re a real estate agent and you’re helping a couple sell their home. If they had a lot of questions around house prep as they prepare to sell, you could send them articles or videos around this topic. People love it when you send content relevant to your conversation with them. It shows you listened and you cared enough to help them a week later.

Script Ex.
“Hey Katie! How’s it going? I remember during our meeting you had mentioned that you wanted more information on prepping your home for upcoming showings. I attached several articles in this email that should be helpful for you. Feel free to reach out to me at anytime with questions or concerns. Have a great day!”

By providing relevant information to your clients, you will build more trust. And when people really trust you, they will choose to work with you and give you their business.

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