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Recruiting is a lot like sales. As a recruiter, your goal is to attract and stand out to qualified candidates.If you want to get ahead of the game and provide the best experience possible to your prospective future employees, video can help you get there.

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LinkedIn Cold Outreach

LinkedIn has 675 million members from across the globe utilizing its platform. That is a huge pool of professionals you can potentially recruit to. But with that many users, there are also a ton of recruiters, like you, looking for qualified candidates on LinkedIn to fill vacant positions at your company. So, how do you stand out in the sea of recruiting plain-text messages people are receiving on the platform daily? Send a video instead to show you’re genuinely interested in what they have to offer your company as an employee, as well as what your company has to offer them.

Matt sends one-to-one recruiting videos, like the one above, to prospective employees on LinkedIn regularly on behalf of BombBomb. He tells them what the company is all about, shares details on the position he’s looking to fill and explains why they might be a good fit for the job opportunity based on their LinkedIn profile. He’s showing his candidates they’re not just another applicant to him and giving them a full picture of BombBomb, so they can truly envision themselves working there.

Recruiting Potential Agents

As a broker, you’re always looking for great agents to bring in to work with you. But recruiting is not just something you waltz into. It’s something that takes time. You need to build relationships with agents and be of value to them well before they choose to work for you. And it’s hard to establish these connections over text-only emails. You need those face-to-face interactions, and as a busy broker, video is the only scalable option to make that happen.

Lisa knows that recruiting is all about showing people you care about them and value their work. So, she makes sure to keep relationships warm with agents by congratulating them on closed transactions, just like she does in the video above. She’s being their broker before she’s actually their broker, so she stays top of mind when they’re looking for a career change.

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Recruiting Potential Employees

A big part of recruiting revolves around sorting through applications to find the right candidate for the job. And while you do that, these same applicants are on their own hunt for the right job. So, by the time you reach out, they may already have a few other employers interested in them. Video is what will set you apart from them. Because it turns what could be a nerve-wracking and impersonal experience into a personal and comfortable one.

Matt kicks off the recruiting process with BombBomb job applicants by sending the video above. The first thing his candidates see is his friendly face and a whiteboard that says, “Let’s chat!” in an animated preview within his recruiting email. And he says it totally works and gets them to play the video, respond, and set an initial interview. The actual human-to-human experience puts them at ease so they’re ready to rock through the interview stage.

Process Updates in the Hiring Process

Communication is vital throughout the entirety of the hiring process. The job-seeking process is a stressful one, and candidates deserve the courtesy of knowing where things stand. And they want to hear it from a real person in a timely manner, not a plain-text, “Thank you for your interest, but…” email (sent after they haven’t heard from you in weeks). Regular update videos show your empathy for the whole hiring process and allow you to show how much you value your candidates.

Matt sends videos, like the one above, to prospective employees throughout the hiring journey – whether it’s the good news of advancing further towards official employment or a polite rejection out of respect for their time. So, Matt’s candidates will know where they’re at in the interview process, what they need for a reference check, and more. He’s giving them a quality candidate experience with some added humanity.

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