Appointment Setting

Booking that first meeting is a critical step in all sales processes. But it can also be the most challenging part. With video you can attract qualified prospects and get them to not only agree to set an appointment with you but also hold that appointment.

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Appointment Setting

We get it. In today’s age, people are busy, and they can spot a sales email from a mile away. But with simple video email, your team will have a much better chance of attracting qualified prospects and getting them to agree to set an appointment with you.

Elyse uses video to do just that. In the video above, she reaches out to a lead she’s been trying to connect with but just hasn’t been able to reach yet. She sends a video email from the airport to let the lead know she’ll be in their area that week and she’d love to connect. She even references one of her clients that the lead already knows to establish credibility, and keeps the video short and sweet.

Appointment No Show

We’ve all been there. We spend weeks prospecting someone, finally get a date on their calendar, and when the time comes, they don’t show up. Moments like this are not only a waste of your time, they also take up time on your calendar that could have been dedicated to another prospect. Because of this, it’s imperative that you try to re-engage the lead and solidify another appointment.

Hannah uses video to reach out to leads that do not show for their intended timeslots. In this video, Hannah acknowledges the fact that she understands that her prospect was busy, but she’d still love to meet. Hannah then explains that she will be pulling in another representative who is an expert in the industry her prospect owns a business in. This shows that Hannah has prepared for the meeting in advance, and will be able to bring value to the call.

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Appointment Confirmation

We already know how painful and time-consuming no-shows can be. Let’s talk through some ways to make sure they don’t happen. We work with many teams on the best practices to set and confirm appointments with video. Keegan Otter was an SDR that we worked with on this topic.

In this video example, Keegan uses a formula we recommend to confirm his appointment. He first connects, thanking the individual for taking the meeting over his lunch break, and even sends him a gift card for a free lunch to eat during the meeting. He then reminds him of the time and date. And finally, reaffirms the value the person will receive on the call by sharing his screen and showing a sample of how the product will help them.

AE / BDR Handoff

Your BDRs spend a ton of time prospecting decision-makers at your target accounts. In that process, they build rapport and trust. Then, once they finally get through to someone and book them for a demo, they have to introduce someone else into the equation: the Account Executive. This is a great opportunity to create a video that will help that hand-off move forward with ease.

In the video above, Devon connects Tom with Danny. She does a quick intro, reconfirms the time and date, and then lets Danny explain the next steps. In this situation, Danny and Devon were able to record the video in the same room. However, they also create individual videos when they can’t be together. This type of video allows Devon to position Danny as another trustworthy source and helps them feel more comfortable with the move.

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Appointment Follow-up

Sending a follow-up video after you’ve successfully held an appointment with a new contact is one of the easiest and best videos you can send. You already know all the details about the person you have met with. You know their pain points, their business goals, and you might even know some personal details, like their children’s names.

In the video above, Danielle does this so well. She starts the video on a personal level and then gets into more specific details about the appointment. She even addresses some potential concerns the client might have when handling a relocation and talks through the next steps. Her video ends perfectly with her reiterating one final time how enjoyable it was to meet her client and their family.

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