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Video Automation +

Your CRM = More Revenue

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Does your team rely on email automation to support some or all of these?

  • New leads and appointments
  • Lead nurturing and conversion
  • Onboarding and success
  • Retention and referrals

If so, you need BombBomb, which consistently and measurably drives better results by adding video to your automated outreach.

Humanize. Personalize. Differentiate.
At Scale.


3 Benefits of Video Automation

Most of your email automation sends blocks of faceless, typed-out text.

Adding video to your email sequences consistently delivers:

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Higher conversion

(building trust and showing expertise makes it easier to say “yes”)

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Human connection

(people feel like they know you before they ever meet you)

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Clearer communication

(it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it)

In the first 90 days of implementing BombBomb in their automations, we’ve seen teams enjoy these outcomes:

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Lift in email engagement


Lift in lead conversion

Clarity and
connection convert.

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3 Reasons Your Team’s Not Sending Video Emails

Your sales and service teams may have struggled with these two common video challenges:

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They’re not sure what to say, how to say it, or when to send videos.

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Even if they are sure, they don’t do it consistently. And some don’t do it at all.

And your marketing or CRM manager would never try to customize email sequences for individual team members because of an overwhelming third problem:

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It’s too complicated and time-consuming to create custom sequences per person.

BombBomb is faster for your marketing or CRM manager, easier for your teams, results-producing for your top line, and time-saving for your bottom line.


3 Ways BombBomb Solves These Problems

BombBomb is a patented blend of professional services and video automation software.

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BombBomb Video Expertise

Get your email sequences benchmarked and reviewed. Beyond copy edits, we’ll prescribe the best spots to add videos. We can even write video outlines or scripts for your team.

Fun fact: we’ve written two books on video to build human connection across the digital divide.

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Visibility and Control

Copy and paste a single video code to a single campaign to improve dozens, hundreds, or thousands of team members’ emails.

See who’s recording the videos and which videos are getting played; scale what’s working best. Know that we’re alongside you to continue boosting adoption and efficacy over time.

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Simple Video Checklist

Instead of wondering which videos to send and when to send them, each team member gets a checklist of videos to record.

The checklist includes an outline or script and a sample of someone performing the video.

Once a video’s recorded, it automatically goes into the right email in the right sequence and sends for them automatically.

Of course, there’s so much more to it. And you likely have questions …


Let’s Explore How BombBomb Can Create More Revenue for You

Let’s have a conversation to see how BombBomb in Salesforce, Total Expert, Lasso, Outreach, or another CRM or platform can help you and your team!