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Onboarding a new team member can always be a crazy couple of months. Getting them properly trained and introduced to the right people in each department can take as short as ninety days and as long as two years! How can you and your HR team improve this process while making it more enticing for new hires to grow into strong members of your staff? Prepare to have your hopes answered with one simple medium for all your training needs: video email onboarding.

Implementing video to any part of your training process will not only streamline everything, it’ll provide you with powerful metrics to build a deeper connection with your incoming staff. Recording Evergreen video can help you make introductions even when you’re away on conference duty. Providing training materials through video means your new team member will always have access to a personalized knowledge base. With the techniques we have below, you’ll be able to provide the professional onboarding experience your employee needs to succeed.

Breaking Through The First Day Jitters With Video Email OnBoarding

When first introducing a new hire to your team, it can be challenging making everyone’s schedule fit. But through video, you can have your team record a message to send talking about who they are and what they do for your company. You can also ask the new employee to do the same for themselves so your team can get to know them a little better. Our own talent team makes sure to greet new members with a welcome video discussing their first day and what to expect as they begin their professional journey with us. Check out the video below to see how powerful that can be!

It’s also useful to create a fun introductory video discussing your company’s statement of purpose, core values, and even show some of the culture. This video message can help both during hiring and onboarding new individuals. They can get excited about the objectives of the team they’re joining and see how personable everyone can be on the job.

Another great application for video email is covering HR documents. We know you worked hard to get those premium benefits for your team. But with that comes a mountain of paperwork we’ve all had to sign. Remember how daunting that can be? By providing new hires with a video covering a screen recording of benefit packages or even creating a video that explains complicated tax forms, you can ease their minds while helping them fill each out form out properly.

The personalization of video works two ways when communicating with new hires. Asking a potential hire to record a short introduction of themselves to send to your team helps them get a feel for someone they’ll work closely with. Sometimes this might include an example of their previous work or showcasing a portfolio.

Time To Graduate With Video Education

Now comes the most challenging part of the hiring process: training. We know this can take at least a few weeks and as long as three months before a new employee feels comfortable with operating effectively in their role. Why leave it up to manuals or hoping they’ll know when to ask for help when you could provide them a series of instructional videos?

Having a new hire meet with the heads of each department as well as any faculty they should know can take weeks to do in person. Having each of these leaders record a short introductory video about themselves and their teams helps make those important connections without having to juggle several schedules. We also recommend linking each video to a bio page for that department or team to reinforce that open access of this information.

At BombBomb, every new team member gets a crash course in who we are and what we do through our BombBomb Video Academy, hosted by Northpass. This powerful tool for two reasons: it allows all members of our staff to meet and greet, even when they’re unavailable. It also allows us to provide employees with a great set of educational materials to get them started and have handy for referencing in the future.

By creating a ‘video school’ of sorts for new employees, you’re able to provide tailored training regimes for each role of your company. That way, your sales and dev teams see similar intro videos, but each will then be guided through a specific video training session for their role.

onboarding1 | BombBomb

Recording Video Now To Prepare For Tomorrow

We advocate for explaining the day-to-day routine via video. Have an awesome break area with a fancy espresso machine or state of the art tea brewing machine? Don’t let the new person feel awkward or left out trying to navigate it. Show them with video! Creating a series of in-office (or remote) etiquette promotes a healthy culture and helps everyone follow the same practices.

A video our Talent Team recommends making is a hand-off video between exiting staff and the new employee filling their roll. Your previous worker developed valuable knowledge in their role and being able to pass that along to the next person helps ensure a smooth transition.

We understand how difficult and time-consuming the onboarding process can be for your HR team. That’s why we strongly believe in how video email onboarding helps you connect and make meaningful relationships with your new employees. It’s effectiveness is multiplied by how great you and your team are when a new hire meets you all through video.

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