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Aaron Colby

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June 19, 2018

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YouTube is an old and new social media marketing platform at the same time. It’s the original video hub and the second biggest search engine on the internet. Building out channels and becoming a “YouTuber,” though, still requires a new energy to do. It’s not too late to start winning with a mortgage YouTube channel, and if you’re producing mortgage marketing videos and sharing them elsewhere, they should be here, too. Be sure to title them using natural language someone searching the internet for answers might use. Organize your videos into playlists to give people who find one of your videos the opportunity to continue learning from and connecting to you.

For ideas and inspiration, here are the Top 5 Mortgage YouTube Channels

1  Ryan Hills & RC

TheReSourceTV, Puyallup, WA
TheREsource.TV | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

ResourceTV Email | BombBomb

Ryan Hills and RC Christensen are on fire with TheREsource.TV. With great information and real entertainment value in weekly episodes, they’re some of the best of the best. In fact, they’ve racked up nearly a million views and 2,500 subscribers on YouTube. The topics they cover deliver value for loan officers, real estate agents, and consumers alike. They also distribute via Facebook and include short video teasers with their title graphics on Instagram.

2 Kevin Fritz

Iron Point Mortgage, Folsom, CA | YouTube | Facebook | Twitter

mortgage youtube

Kevin leads with value in a fun and informative way in his nearly 300 YouTube videos, to which 1,300+ people subscribe and have earned more than 400,000 views. What makes his approach unique is he takes on useful and interesting topics, like “The Best Way to Make Plastic Chairs Look New Again!” (89,000 views), “How to Make a Tiki Torch Out of an Empty Wine Bottle” (5,200 views), “Amazing Ways Walking Barefoot Can Improve Your Health” (2,100 views), and “Best 3 Ways to Clean Your Nasty Smelly Garbage Disposal” (23,000 views). At the end of each “life hack” style tip, he transitions to a light call-to-action about his mortgage business. Yes, Kevin talks reverse mortgages, mortgage insurance, and other mortgage-related topics, but his consistent commitment to unique lifestyle tips, well organized playlists, and often clever thumbnails make his channel stand out.

3 Nicole Rueth

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp, Englewood, CO | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

mortgage youtube

Nicole is leading the way with building out YouTube playlists that people can binge-watch if they please. Nicole’s “Mortgage Education” playlist has nearly 100 videos in it, and her “Realtor Education” playlist has more than 100. Talk about being on top with producing content! In about two years, she’s uploaded more than 250 videos for consumers, real estate agents, and loan officers. And since she has such a wide audience, she also uses a variety of styles – simple, mobile, green screen, at home, at the office, in the car (safely parked!), and more..

4 Kelly Zitlow

Cornerstone Home Lending, Scottsdale, AZ | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

mortgage youtube

Many mortgage professionals have been using YouTube longer and have uploaded more videos, but few are growing as quickly as Kelly. With smart-looking thumbnails and helpful playlists (“All about Credit,” “First-Time Homebuyers,” “DIY Video Marketing for Realtors”), Kelly’s channel has tremendous upside potential. In the few weeks between her nomination and this write up, views are up 21% and have hit five figures. She’s also growing in subscriber count. One of many things you can learn from her: make the topic of every video as clear as can be.

5 Dan Moralez

Northpointe Bank, Holland, MI | YouTube | Facebook | LinkedIn

mortgage youtube

Dan uploaded his first video to YouTube eight years ago, and in that time it’s racked up 1,500+ views and he’s added 100 more videos. He’s tackling common, mortgage-related questions, problems, and opportunities. His use of thumbnail images is very consistent with three or four different looks total. What makes Dan’s channel especially unique is his commitment to audio. Yes, you can learn from his on-camera appearances, but his audio clips in YouTube put them within another powerful search engine for the web. And, like more “proper” videos, they’re easily embedded in blog posts or web pages.

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