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Automated, but you.

Most marketing automation lacks personality, but the personal touches that really connect can be very time-consuming. Prompt blends the best of both worlds, so you’re always top of mind. With pre-recorded videos sent to the right people.

Send Better Email

Prompt Blends Automation with Your Human Touch



Prompt consistently sends content for you in email, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter - with coaching to record a personalized video before each send.

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Prompt keeps track of all the special occasions in your clients’ lives and sends pre-recorded or personal greetings for you.

Understand One-to-Ones


Design Pack

So you've got something to send, no matter the situation, Prompt also gives you dozens of pre-written emails wrapped in your custom branding.

Get the Design Details

Campaigns that work for you

Made for you. Sent for you. All year long.

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Get Prompted

Before the campaign goes by email and social, we'll prompt you about the content we wrote, designed, and loaded into your account.

Combine Automated and Personal

Do nothing and Prompt automatically sends the message as-is. Better yet, listen to our coaches and record a compelling video that’s automatically dropped in before sending.

Email + Social Engagement

Prompt emails your entire list of contacts automatically and shares
content on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to increase your reach.

Get Actionable Insights

A few days after each send, Prompt delivers a list of the specific people in your database who engaged most.

Follow Up

Follow up with these contacts with a personal video. Our coaches tell you and show you exactly what to say and how to say it.


One-to-Ones Make it Personal

Prompt keeps track of all the special occasions in your clients' lives and reaches out for you for every one.

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Tell Us Who + When

Upload your list of birthdays, home purchase anniversaries, or any other date-based list.
*Don’t have any of these lists? Don't Worry!

Send with a Video (or not)

Record a single video for each date-based event. Prompt sends this “evergreen” video for you over and over - automatically.


Prompt does the rest by sending out the right video at the right time. Want to send
a personal message?
Customize any email
before it sends.


Design Pack

Exclusive Content + Your Brand

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Marketing Campaigns

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Email Design

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Dozens of

Proven Emails

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A complete email and social marketing system. Conveniently automated, yet perfectly you.

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