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BombBomb makes it easy to get face to face with more people more often with simple video.

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You’re Better Face to Face

Build trust, convert leads, and generate referrals with simple video, a more personal, human, and often time-saving way to communicate with prospects and clients.

There’s no easier way to record, send, and track all the results of video communication. And you can get started right away with this Follow Up Boss offer, with a free 2 week free trial or with your annual

Automated, Yet Personal Email System

BombBomb’s Prompt subscription gives you a complete real estate email marketing system that’s conveniently automated, yet perfectly human.

Prompt makes and sends the email, gives you the opportunity and training to add a video, and reports back the results so you can follow up more effectively.

*How You Benefit from BombBomb:

81% get more email replies
87% increased clicks on their website

68% of customers convert more leads
56% report more referrals

90% stay in touch more effectively
*Survey of 576 BombBomb customers who’ve sent at least 10 videos | Conducted July-August 2015 | Results projected to all customers with 95% confidence and +/- 4% margin of error

Get BombBomb today and see how video email transforms your business.