Survey: 77% of People Benefit from Video Email, 20% Double Results

Last Updated October 2nd, 2015

BombBomb received survey responses from nearly 600 people about the big difference a simple video can make.

Top line: 77% of people reported a lift from video email compared to traditional, typed-out text emails. And 20% doubled or more than doubled their results with video.

Details below!


We’ve collected and shared hundreds of success stories over the past several years. In live presentations. In testimonial videos. Throughout the blog.

Specific success stories are awesome. They’re an honor and a pleasure for our team to hear and share. They’re helpful for people in the BombBomb community to see (everyone loves to see what other people are doing successfully).

To complement these success stories, though, we decided to get a broader look. As in: survey results that can be projected onto our video email sending community with 95% confidence and a 4% margin of error.

So, that’s what we did!

Survey: The Benefit of Video Email


The Survey

The survey consisted of 5 questions – all asked in the same format.

Compared to traditional, typed-out text emails, how much of a lift has simple video in email given you for …

  • Generating replies and responses
  • Getting clicks through your emails
  • Converting your leads
  • Staying in touch
  • Generating referrals

We also had an open box for specific successes or additional feedback.

576 people completed the survey. 466 people (80.9%) provided an additional comment.


The Results

Across all answers, 77% of people reported a lift using video in email with BombBomb. 20% of people doubled or more than doubled their results (reported a 100% lift or more than 100% lift) compared to traditional, typed-out text emails.

Overall results specific to the 5 questions:

  • 80.72% of people generate more replies and responses
  • 87.03% get more clicks through their emails
  • 68.21% convert more leads
  • 90.10% stay in touch more effectively
  • 55.88% generate more referrals

Other specific results:

  • More than 1 in 4 people doubled or more than doubled their click-through rate with BombBomb video
  • More than 1 in 3 people doubled or more than doubled their ability to stay in touch
  • Nearly 1 in 6 people doubled or more than doubled their replies and responses
  • Fully 1 in 10 people doubled or more than doubled their lead conversion rate and number of referrals with video email

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