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Last Updated June 19th, 2018

Congratulations to the top ten mortgage email marketing influencers in the BombBomb category! BombBomb makes it easy for business professionals of all kinds to get face to face with more people more often using simple videos in emails, text messages, and social media. A great way to eliminate confusion in the difficult lending process is to communicate clearly and effectively throughout the entire lending process – and video is the way to do it. The professionals below are using BombBomb to build better relationships, convert more leads, receive all the proper paperwork when necessary, and increase their referral network.


For ideas and inspiration, here are the top 5 Mortgage Email Marketing Video Influencers


1 Clifton Saunders

Amcap Home Loans, La Porte, TX | YouTube | Facebook | LinkedIn

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With more than 9,600 videos recorded and sent when we created this list, it’s no wonder Clifton and his team deserve the top spot in our BombBomb video category. He’s – by far – the number one user of BombBomb in terms of video count in the mortgage space. In recording and sending such a staggering number of videos, Clifton has employed screen recordings, educational videos, process videos, rate updates, lead responses, client check-ins, congratulation videos, birthday videos, and more.


2 Chris Brown

The Chris Brown Team at Certified Mortgage Planners, Orlando, FL | YouTube | Facebook | LinkedIn

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Chris Brown earned our second spot in the BombBomb category with an impressive 3,500 videos more than one third of them sent using Gmail and BombBomb’s Chrome extension. Chris and his team are masters at personal video, but also create more pre-recorded videos than almost all other BombBomb users. Realizing the power of a perfectly timed pre-recorded video is Chris’s specialty.


3 Ruby Grynberg

Salmon Bay Community Lending, Seattle, WA | YouTube | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

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Ruby makes the list because her videos shine with personality and are a joy to watch. She pioneered the calendar video strategy (see tip video below), which helps her keep her clients up-to-date with the important milestones in their loan process. On top of that, she creates wonderful educational videos in her mortgage minute series. Watch one of Ruby’s videos and you’ll see why she ranks in this category.


4 Eric Peltier

Citywide Home Loans, Boulder, CO | YouTube | Facebook | LinkedIn

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Eric Peltier lands in our fourth spot for his incredible ability to remain consistent with his video strategy. Of the nearly 2,000 videos in his BombBomb library, he is responsible for 100% of them – no team effort here! Time-blocking is the key to his success, as well as providing an extremely valuable service to everyone involved in a transaction with him. To find out more about how Eric makes his transactions memorable, download the guide and watch the custom tip video he sent us!


5 Jeff Wagner

OneTrust Home Loans, Houston, TX | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

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If you want great tips and strategies for getting more referrals from your real estate network, then Jeff Wagner is your guy. Closing out the BombBomb Influencer category, Jeff has mastered the video “pop-by” and check-in with agents. With 1,700 videos recorded and sent, he’s consistently leveraging our platform to increase reply rates and appointment sets. His story of setting 14 appointments on 20 videos sent is still shared regularly here at BombBomb HQ. He has aced the method of a short, conversational style video that drives business and forges relationships.



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