Tips for Shooting Video Outside: Why, When, and Lighting Considerations

Last Updated December 7th, 2012

I’m a huge fan of shooting video outside. In fact, I may do it too often (watch the video below). It’s one of my 12 tips for better looking videos.


Still, I recommended to people who ask me about shooting videos for websites, blog posts, video email, and other marketing applications.


Shooting Video Outside: Why, When, and Tips


Watch the video above for specific reasons and tips for recording more videos outside.


Why: Get Out Of The Office

  • Get out from behind desk, out from under flourescent lights, away from computer monitor, ringing phones, and interruptions
  • Get fresh air, sunshine, and a little exercise
  • Create a more open feeling in your videos


Why: Create Variety

  • Give yourself more variety in shooting locations
  • Provide your regular viewers more variety in backgrounds
  • Create more flexibility by having more locations from which to choose
  • Get comfortable with more spontaneity in shooting times and places


When: Early Mornings and Late Afternoons

  • Shortly after sunrise and shortly before sunset
  • Good windows include 7-10am and 4-7pm
  • Varies by time of year, time zone, and location in time zone
  • More flattering light with sun lower on the horizon


Where’s The Sun? Ask LightTrac


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